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Jan 2, 2012

Hyland's Fit talk first post - "First Day of Marathon Training"

3 miles on the schedule today.  I actually ended up doing 5 miles today since I was feeling pretty good.

Oh how I love the start of marathon training.  There nothing like having the sense of accomplishment as you finish each run under your marathon training schedule!

Yes, you read that correctly.  This is my first day of training for Marathon number three, the Flying Pig Marathon in Cinncinati, Ohio.  The timing of this also fits in really nice for people that have a New Years resolution to get fit this year!  For those of you that don't know, I ran two marathons last season.  I was not planning on two this season but I think that this one fit in well with my running schedule and it's known to be a really great race.

I have been asked to share my marathon training experiences throughout the next 18 weeks on Hyland's Fit Talk on Facebook(Click HERE to follow them).

Once a week, on Monday's, I'll have a post that discusses my last week of training and any tips, struggles, successes that I've had over the last week.  I'm really excited to share my experiences with all of you interested in hearing about marathon training.

While I'm still relatively new to the marathon distance as well, I hope that I can provide some good information over the next 18 weeks to help you decide if you want to run a marathon or perhaps to help keep you motivated throughout the process for any distance that you are training for.

One of the key things that has helped me with my past training has been to put together a plan that fits to my fitness level.  This plan helps keep me on track(for the most part) and I'm not having to constantly think about what I'm going to run each day.  The last two marathons, I've pretty much used a variation of Hal Higdon's marathon training plan.  I say variation because it has to fit me.  That is one thing you should keep in mind when reading about my training over the coming weeks.  The plan needs to fit you and only you.  Do not train based on anyone but yourself.  Also, keep it flexible.  If you need more rest, then by all means, take it.  If you have family or work commitments, change things around.  While I generally keep to the schedule, it changes slightly to fit my schedule.  In fact, you will notice I've already changed it because I ran today when I have rest on the schedule.  Also, you don't want to burn yourself out and/or injure yourself so take it at your own pace.  The key is to go into the marathon properly trained, not overtrained!  Here's a look at my tentative schedule until marathon day:
Don't think you can do it?  Neither did I but I lost 60 pounds learning how to eat right and exercise.  It's not easy but it's worth the effort!

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Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!!


  1. 1st day for me too...but for the Toronto Marathon. Marathon #2 & training long distances through the winter....will be a BIG learning curve for me. Me & the dread mill don't get along so I will be outside for most runs. Today was my first snowy run....way better than heat!

  2. I'm rolling right into my next program for Big Sur after Houston next Sunday. My plan looks a lot like yours with a little more mid week running (Big Sur is the same weekend as Flying Pig). I'll be interested in tracking your progress in comparison to mine!!!
    I had my first ice free run (outdoors) in over a month. 6 miles of speedy heaven - ah, but it is only January. :(

  3. Nice to have a couple outdoor runners following. I'll be outside 97% of the time.