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Jan 14, 2012

Always worrying about running...

9 miles on the schedule today.  Did I finish?  Yes.  But....

Four and a half miles into my long run today I pulled my calf muscle.  How?  I could not tell you.  I didn't do anything different from my normal routine.  Just your typical long run.  I stopped and stretched it.  It was still tight but I was able to complete my long run today.  AND it wasn't even that long of a run!  Unfortunately, it happened about 5 miles out from where I was parked so there was not much choice but to run back.  Ok, I probably could have walked but given it was in the teens today, temperature wise, I figured that was a worse option.  My running buddy, T, thinks because it was so cold out, my muscles were not warmed up but after over four miles of running, it should have been warmed up enough.

After a mile more of running, it started to feel better again but was still tight.  It loosened up so I felt Ok to finish the run. However, after I got back home it was tight again.  I foam rolled it and iced it so hopefully it will be feeling better tomorrow.  Unfortunately even walking hurts right now.  Cross training on the schedule tomorrow so I'll likely be skipping this....and maybe even Monday's run.  The power of a couple days of rest is incredible.  We'll see how things go.

While I've had small injuries(nothing serious) in the past, I always worry about not being able to run.  I know some of you have gotten sidelined for months and I don't want that to happen so I'll take it easy.  The most I have not run since I started running is four days!

16 weeks until Flying Pig.....Why is it that whenever I sign up for a marathon, Running seems more like work than fun.  Hah!  Oh well, I'll be using RICE and work through it.

I really want to run on Monday.....

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Hope your leg is feeling better soon!

  2. Rest is always good medicine! Hope you get Monday's run in!

  3. Hope it's nothing serious and you'll be back out there soon :)

  4. oh jeff, hope it's nothing major :( I feel the same way. I get a panicky feeling and especially now that i've signed up for bayshore , it's like marathons haunt us and we live in fear of getting major injuries. Rest up!

  5. Good luck, hope it heals quickly. It's OK to take some days off. Running injured can just force you to take off more days over time. Again, best of luck!

  6. You said it best...the power of a couple days rest is incredible. Rest up and see what happens. Hope you're feeling better!

  7. Oh, bummer! That stinks! I hope it heals fast and you are back on the road soon :)

  8. Training for a marathon is a second job! Get those compressions socks out.....