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Jan 26, 2012

King James.....and 1BandID

3 miles on the schedule today....Done!  Except for being a little tired...I went to the Detroit Pistons Game last night.  While our basketball record has not been good(we stink), it was a good game last night even though we lost.  I had awesome seats on the floor.  We were sitting right next to the Miami Heat team.  I was 5 feet from Lebron James.  Cool!  Matt Stafford(for you non-football folks, he's the Detroit Lions QB) and also Denard Robinson(U of M QB) was also at the game.  Each of them even threw footballs into the stadium. half time, Tpain sang some if his songs.  Some of you may run to his songs - I love "Best Love Song".  It was a fun game but I was not looking forward to waking up this morning to run. Ha!  Here's some pictures.  Sorry, they are taken with a Blackberry so quality is not great.  Had I known all this was going to happen, I would have brought my camera.
King James resting on the bench at timeout
Me in the corner.  Haha!
A little blurry but Matt Stafford near us!
He's in the Detroit Tigers hat.
Here's one of James playing
Tpain half time concert.  Cool!

So first I wanted to remind everyone to sign up for the 2nd annual "I just felt like running" Virtual race.  We have 16 participants(including myself) so far.  COME ON PEOPLE, please spread the word on this.  I had four times this amount last year.

I also secured our first prize for the Virtual race.  A brand new custom 1BandID.  This thing is really awesome.  One lucky person is going to win this.  Of course, once it's on your watch/shoe, you will forget it's there!  Haha!  See my previous full review HERE and visit their website HERE.  Joe over at 1BandID has been very generous in the running community since starting his company and this is a product you just cannot live without!  I use mine one a daily basis.
Get one even if you don't win
Worth every penny!
In case you missed it, here are some details.
Right now we have one signed up for the Full, six signed up for the half, eight signed up for the 10k(including three at the ShamRock race live!) and one signed up for the 5k!  Wow, way to go everyone.  Nice going after the longer races.  I guess I picked a great day to coincide with other races you are doing that day as well.  Nice!

As you know, I'll be running the ShamRock 'n' Roll Run 10k race in Plymouth, Michigan with several family members and it looks like some of you as well.  We must get a picture together at the race!!!  I'd love to also get a picture with Alan, the race director as well assuming he will be able to find a couple minutes on a likely very crazy day for him(and if I can find him in the thousands of people Haha!).

Anyone that will be in Michigan on 3/18, this is going to be a great race and look at that sweet medal you get!  Click on my blog sidebar to sign up and join the fun!
Have a great day and...Keep Running!!!!


  1. What great seats for a game! I would love to have seats like that to a Spurs game.

  2. Awesome seats! Totally jealous. I love the photo of Lebron with your face in the corner. :)

  3. Great seats! The Celtics are really bad too right now, but I'd still love to go catch a game!

    By the way, I tagged you for 11 Random Things...hope you'll play along :)

  4. Wow, awesome seats! That definitely makes the experience more fun. We went to the home opener when Taio Cruz performed for the halftime show, and it was pretty cool with all of the dancers and everything else they had going on. It's nice when they can make it a good experience even when the team is bad. I am amazed that last night's game was so close! We have tickets for a couple games next month, but we got them for free from Meijer for buying certain items of the week so we'll be up top. Thanks for sharing the pics, it looks like it was a good time.

  5. Love the picture of Lebron and you in the corner... LOL

  6. WHOA those are amazing seats. I always wonder how anyone ends up right there.

    I'm game for the 5k. How do you sign up? I'll be 8.5 months pregnant by then, but if I can walk and/or do it up to a week before, I think I can handle it!