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Jan 6, 2012

Cold weather running tips / Michigan Runner

Rest day on the schedule today since I didn't take my rest day this week.....easy peasy!


Cold weather running tips -----

Over the last couple years, I have grown quite accustomed to running in the dark/cold winters.  Here's a few tips that I use to help make it a little easier so you will keep running all year.

1) Enjoy it.  You're able to run.  You're able to run outside.  There nothing betting in my opinion.  I try not to complain too much.  Ha!
I said RUN!  Eh, this might help you run in the cold too!
2)  Dress in layers - not only does it keep you warmer but you can remove some of it if you get too hot.  Also, while it's not inexpensive, a few good running items for winter like a running jacket that's wind proof, winter running socks and a good hat and gloves/mittens are helpful.  Personally, if my hands and feet are warm, I could go a long time running outside.  While I've said it before, Duct tape also helps on shoes to keep your feet warmer but it's not needed too often(at least this season so far)
Ok, maybe not this much...
3) Slow down - ok, I'll say slow down when there is ice and snow outside so you don't hurt yourself.  You can also put screws in your shoes or use Yaktrax to help keep your footing.  Here in Michigan, we have not needed these quite yet.  We have been rather lucky this season.  I've only done one run on snow this season and it was on a trail.
4)  When its too cold, stay inside.  Now my threshold might be different from others - my limit is about zero degrees.  If I see negative numbers, I'll think twice before going out in that.  This tells you how much I love the treadmill.....not!
I should have stayed inside this day!  Ha!
5)  Run with a buddy/group - It helps, trust me.  If you know you have someone waiting for you to run, you will more than likely make sure you get up too.  This works in the summer too!  Also, I'd like to personally thank Coach Ken since he offered to allow me to join his TNT group to run when I need company.



I was happy to see I was included in the Michigan Running News, a weekly e-mail put out by Michigan Runner magazine, for my interview with Alan Whitehead, a local race director:  See below(sorry, you will have to click on the picture to actually see it).  It's a small item but it's nice to see that people are reading my blog and I've contributed in my small way to runners in Michigan.  If you missed the interview this week, you can read it by clicking HERE.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Wow, now I can cancel my subscription to Runner's World........ HA

  2. So worth being outside no matter the cold. Boo Dreadmill!

  3. I don't think you need to worry about people NOT reading your blog!

    This is the first year I have run through the winter, and it has been a good one thus far. It has allowed me to get used to the idea of running in the cold, without dealing with snow! Still working on what to do about the feet in snow..

    But I managed outside in 12 degrees, I will be willing to give it a shot down to zero!

  4. Its suppose to be near 50 this weekend in IL. Winter will come soon enough!