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Jan 12, 2012

Olympic excitement!!!

5 miles on the schedule today.  It's fund because even though it was cold, rainy, and a little windy, I had a really good run today.


So there is much excitement about the Olympic Marathon Trials this year in Houston.  Will you be there?  Will you be following it?  It's on NBC(taped) on Saturday for a couple hours at 3pm so I'll probably DVR it so I can skip through the boring parts.....unfortunately, there are probably lots of boring parts.  Actually the marathon looks pretty boring.  Three loops of 8 miles?  Kill me now!  Take a look here:

I'd probably be happy to be running the regular marathon on Sunday but watching this on Saturday will have to do.  I can't believe how many people are qualifiers from Michigan(32 total) with 11 from the Hanson/Brooks team.  That's 10% of the total field from Michigan.  Wow!  Yeah, Michigan!  My two top choices overall are Meb and Desi.  Who's yours?

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Huge article in today's Detroit Free Press on Desiree Davila. So neat to see little old city of Rochester on the map for running!!!

  2. I'd be shocked if Desi Davila didn't win the women's race.
    But Meb is aging and Ryan Hall had a breakthough race at Boston last year, and even though his Chicago performance wasn't "great" it might just have been setting him up for a great race in Houston.

  3. I was thinking of banditing it! It would be great if Luke or Mike Morgan from Hansons to make the podium......

  4. I'm pulling for Kara and Ryan. I just love those two!

  5. Just set my DVD for the tv coverage! Will be cool to see some MIchiganers out there!

  6. Here is Houston! Saw Desiree (at a distance), rode in the elevator with Blake Russell, and walked next to Joan Benoit Samuelson. Had myself a fabulous running-geek day!!

  7. Karen - I have not read that article but have it to read still. Cool!

    Kathy - that is awesome! I would have asked for a picture. Hah!

  8. I was SOOO bummed we didn't get the coverage here. come on NBC! This MI girl needs to watch her MI peeps run! One of my former team Marathon teammates, Erin O'Mara was running. It was more of a victory lap for her to be there, but still, such an amazing accomplishment!