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Sep 1, 2011

This and that and this...

5 miles today on the schedule!  To me, this is the perfect distance before work.  Not too much and more than average.  I like it.


I purchased a couple running books today.  One is called Long may you Run:

The second is Chris McCormack's book, I'm here to Win.

I stopped by our local Border's bookstore that is going out of business and picked them up for 60% off.  Can't wait to read them although it's unfortunate that another Michigan business is closing.  They really were a great bookstore.

I also stopped at the local running Store, Hanson's and purchased a Michigan Runner magazine and a new hat.  Since Ken over at Eastside Stony Creek TNT Runner made me feel guilty(not really) the other day, when I posted about new shoes, for not buying local, I went in and gave them some of my hard earned money.  Actually I had a gift card that my daughter gave me for my birthday so I used the rest of it and then some.  Here's a picture of the hat.  I figured I could use a little luck for the next 45 days of training.

My new lucky hat

Crim professional pictures are in.  Can't say any turned out very good but here's a couple of them.

And what am I doing with my mouth?

No, this is not the proper running form.

I saw the camera guy on this one

I'm there somewhere with 10,000 of my closest friends

They had a video of the finish - cool; see me?
I'm below the N on the first Finish on the left in white
Proof I was under 1:20; yeah!

You can see all the pictures and the video(where I look like I'm dying - Haha) if you go to this link - click HERE
45 days until the Detroit Marathon.  Holy Crap!!!

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!!


  1. I love how you can tell the pictures when you actually saw the camera guy. Mine always turn out like that too :)

  2. LOL... Guilt is an amazing thing! I've never had a good Crim photo.

  3. You look like you are working hard, not dying!!

  4. Pics look like you are just cruisin'... nice!