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Sep 15, 2011

Celebrity marathons?

8 miles on the schedule today.  It was a nice run but it was cold out; mid 40's.  First time I have worn long pants since May.  Also had long sleeves and light gloves as well.  I'm not ready for this!


I want to say that I'm sorry to many of you.  I have not been commenting much on other blogs although I have been lurking on many of them.  Please know that I do check out your blogs and enjoy reading them but sometimes I don't have time for many comments because I follow so many.  If you are a follower of my blog but I'm not following yours, let me know and I will add you to my list.  Thanks!


Did you know that these celebrities ran marathons?  And look at some of those times...very respectable!

Meridith Baxter - 4:08:30 NYC marathon

William Baldwin - 3:24:29 NYC marathon

Anthony Edwards - 3:55:40 Chicago marathon

David James Elliott(Jag) - 4:57:23 Boston marathon (I assume for charity?)

Will Ferrell - 3:56:12 Boston marathon(charity?)

Mario Lopez - 5:41:41 Boston marathon(charity?) - in his shape he should have run faster

Joan Van Ark - 3:35:00 Santa Ana(1979)

Freddie Prinze Jr - 5:50:49 LA marathon

Lisa Ling(the View) - 4:34:18 Boston marathon(charity?)

Oprah Winfrey - 4:29:20 Marine Corp marathon

P Diddy - 4:15:54 NYC marathon

David Lee Roth - 6:04:03 NYC marathon

Lance Armstrong - 2:59:35 NYC marathon

George W. Bush - 3:44:52 Houston marathon

Michael Dukakis(former Governor of Mass) 3:31:00 Boston marathon

John Edwards - 3:30:18 Marine Corps marathon

Al Gore - 4:58:25 Marine Corps marathon

Kim Alexis(model) - 3:52:00 NYC marathon

Ali Landry(model) - 5:41:41 Boston marathon(charity?)

I couldn't tell you when they actually ran them but regardless, I have more respect for some of them knowing their times.

Have a great day and....Keep running!!!!!!


  1. So funny --- I was just gonna look this Celebrity marathon info up. I wanted to have someone to shoot for to "beat" next week.

  2. wow, some of those times are very respectable! That's awesome

  3. So who is David Lee Roth? when I see a time of - 6:04:03 for a flat marathon, I want to say: shoot that person!!! but then I think; I could never be out for that length of time, very brave of them...

  4. "Mario Lopez - 5:41:41 Boston marathon(charity?) - in his shape he should have run faster" LOL!!! You are so right!!

    It was chilly this morning, wasn't it? I wore glove too!

  5. Mario Lopez probably got stopped by his groupies... happens to me all the time!


  6. Thanks for the great post. Some of those times are very impressive. While I am not a marathoner (yet) these times give me something to shoot for when the time arrives for my first one. Thanks again for sharing.