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Sep 28, 2011

I lied.....

6 miles on the schedule today.....done and not in the rain either!


I have a confession to make.  I lied.  I said that the Detroit Marathon was going to be my last race for the year.  I changed my mind.  I signed up for my final(really) race of the year - The Wicked Halloween Run!

This is an inaugural race and I could not resist it and it's organized by the same people that also organized the Solstice Run 10 mile which I have run twice.  While I have heard complaints of the Solstice Run, I have never experienced any problems when I have attended the race - very well organized.

This is the last race of the season for me and it is a 10k race.  I decided to do this since I am not going to do the Turkey Trot 10k in Detroit on Thanksgiving morning.  I'm actually looking forward to sleeping in on Thanksgiving day.

So here's the details:

October 30th - Devil's day(night would be fun though)
Wicked Halloween Run - Plymouth, Michigan
Limited to first 950 runners(that tells you how popular this one will be)
10k'er get a medal - sweet!  A medal for a 10k?

Great run in Downtown Plymouth - kind of far from my home but should be worth it.
Awesome long sleeve shirt!

Candy Aid Stations - gotta love that!
Food and Beverage Buffet at the finish
"Thriller" song performance by dance group prior to race; haha!
Costume contest(although I probably will not participate)

Two weeks after my marathon so I should be just fine to run this race.  If you are in Michigan, I hope you can join me for this great event.

Question of the day?  Have you run in Costume before?

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!!


  1. Looks very fun how could you not run it? Love the swag too!
    I'm boring. Have never run in costume.

  2. i'm doing the 10k too!! hopefully i'll see you there

  3. Sounds fun! I'd run this one, but I am going to do the Run thru Hell on Halloween (although it's techinically the day before halloween). Proceeds are to benefit a vietnam vet/hand cyclist!

    I have never ran a race in a costume, but I might on the 30th.

  4. I have run adorned in lights for a 4th of July Midnight Run, but I cannot recall running in costume.

  5. Super! I would have changed my mind for that race as well. Yes, I have run in costume before. I've been part of a team that won some prizes at races for best costumes. Always worth having some fun races between all the serious stuff.

  6. That looks like a great race. Lots of fun! I'll have to look for a Halloween race for my husband since I can't run right now. What a great way to kick off that day!

  7. I haven't heard of this race, but now I want to do it!! Maybe I will see you there!

  8. That looks like a sweet race!! Cool shirt, medal and candy stops?! I love it!!

  9. Medal for a 10K? Can't beat that, and a cool long sleeve shirt...I'd definitely be in as well. As for your question, i've never run in a full costume but i did wear a giant green afro wig for the 2010 Shamrock Half in Virginia Beach!

  10. The only costume I have wrong was for a Warrior dash. I dressed up as a Spartan.

    I like the shirt of the race your doing!

  11. Megan - You know we MUST get a picture before the race!

    Jamoosh - now that is interesting.

    Some great comments everyone!