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Sep 16, 2011

The "I'm not qualified to run Boston" marathon and Giveaway!

5 miles today on the schedule -- did a nice speedy workout.  Cold at 44 degrees.  Jeez - it feels like October out there already.  It is supposed to warm up this weekend some which is good because I want to wear shorts for my race on Sunday.  Looking like a great day!  Rest day tomorrow to prepare for the race.  I have been slacking on my crosstraining - weights and bike.
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All the changes that the Boston marathon made this year to qualify people sure has made for some confusion.  You can read more about it HERE at the runner's world forum - LOTS of discussion!   Maybe that's the way they(race directors) wanted it.  Everyone talking about how they perceive you qualify when you sign up for the race these past weeks.  It provides for more discussion and more hype, in my opinion and gets everyone up at arms, no sleeping wondering if they got it.  I'm sure I'd feel the same way if I qualified.

It also sounds like the consensus is that if your time was qualified less 5 minutes, you should be able to run the race.  Unfortunately, it sounds like many people that "just" qualified would not get in.  I suppose that keeps the "more" qualified in the running which is only fair.  We shall see soon enough.

Wouldn't it have been much less confusion if they just reduced the qualification times down by 10 minutes?  Either way, I'm not qualified to run this event.  My plan is still to do what I talked about last April which is run in the "I'm not qualified to run Boston" Boston Marathon.  I still think it would be good for another 25,000 field.  I'll make it even more interesting ---- We could run from Boston to Hopkinton and then get bussed back to Boston at the end for the party.  It would be incredible!  Haha!

Who's with me?  Would you sign up for the "not qualified" Boston Marathon?

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!!


  1. Gosh if you ran the reverse route there'd be SO much freaking uphill!
    Personally I am grateful to have my Bostons behind me and not worry about the new process, although it seems to be going smoothly so far.

  2. LOL! I'm in! It's the only 'Boston' I'll ever qualify for!

  3. Michael and I were just talking about how it's gonna change from hot to cold overnight with no in between in Missouri too. Funny how that seems to happen. I much prefer hot over cold.

  4. I'm in... Boston, I'll never qualify but I'm still a runner!!

  5. Jim - beats the heat you guys have been having that is for sure!

    Jess - you are a runner. If everyone that did not qualify for Boston was not a runner, there would be a lot less runners out there.

  6. I'm in!

    The weather changed here too. Went from hot & humid one day to breaking out sweatshirts the next day. Crazy!