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Sep 26, 2011

Taper time....

Rest day on the schedule; I'm happy to take it as my legs a still sore from yesterday's run.


Now it's taper time.....

1) Less running
2) Slower running
3) Time to repair my legs before the big event
4) Time to get me mentally ready to run the marathon

I know that some of you go crazy during your taper but that's not me.  I embrace the time to allow my legs the rest they need so they grow strong and are ready for that kind of mileage.  Frankly, I'm looking forward to after the marathon when I can rest my legs further and really get them feeling strong.  It will be nice to go out and do a run just because I feel like it and not because it's on a schedule.  So if you are in your taper period, like many of us now, enjoy it because before you know it, you'll be back to training for something again soon.

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!!!


  1. Great job on all your training! Enjoy the rest!

  2. while you enjoy the taper, it's time for me to get back into it...

    thinking about running a marathon on 19 Nov

  3. Enjoy the taper time! You will def rock it out in Detroit

  4. Your training's been great - enjoy your taper!

  5. Jeff, I'm glad you enjoy the rest period. Have a wonderful week!