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Sep 8, 2011

Safety first....

5 miles on the schedule today.  Done but it was rainy and windy.  I'm not sure what I hate the most, running in the rain or running in the wind.  I know, running in the rain AND the wind but I still hate the treadmill more.


So when I was on the Labor Day weekend, we went into a store in Petoskey that sold hiking stuff.  They had a little light that you could attach to a normal running cap.  As most of you know, I run outside and with the season changing, I'm running in the dark again for my entire run.  This means I need things on so cars can see me.

They say that a headlamp can be seen up to 1/2 mile away but a white shirt only 50 feet.  Wow!  That's a huge difference, huh?  Anyway, I always run with my RoadID Firefly and it's a blinking red light that I attach onto my water bottle.  I like it because it flashes.

Of course, I also wear reflective gear - my shoes, running pants, jacket, shirts usually have some reflective markings on them to help see me.

I also wear, in the winter especially, a headlamp.  I like the headlamp but I don't like to wear it unless I'm running with a winter hat or no hat at all and I usually run with a hat.

I can use the headlamp with my running cap but it just does not fit right but I was never able to find anything else......until now!

I found a little lite(that also is very light in weight)  that attaches to the brim of your hat.  Dorky?  Yes.  Be seen, no question!  This little sucker is bright and lasts for 120 hours on two watch batteries for two lights on or 70 hours for 4 lights on(and you really only need two).  Here are a few pictures:

Anyway, for $12 bucks I couldn't pass it up.  It sure beats being hit by a car and I've come close several times.  I've used this several times already and it works great.  It's also waterproof as well and I proved that in today's run.  If you run in the dark, I suggest picking one up.  Another suggestion, don't run with just reflective gear.  A light makes a huge different in cars seeing you.  I've watched as cars have come right up on me when I don't have a light on but when I have the light, you can see them moving away much sooner.

Here's some more information from Quarrow's website(click on it to see larger):

Can you believe these really were made for fishing at night?  Haha!

I purchased this with my own money.  This review is my own opinion of the product.

I'm really excited about this one and hope to get many years of use out of it.

Question of the day:  Isn't it great when you find new running gear you are excited about?  What have you bought for running that you are excited about?

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!!


  1. That looks like a great product especially now that darkness is creeping up on us! I just ordered a race bib belt thingamajig--it should come today. Such a simple thing but I'm looking forward to no more safety pins.

  2. Safety is important - especially in the darkness. I use Nite Beams wrapped around my calf/wrist as it gives me 360 degree visibility since I often deal with cars coming from the left or right (as well as in front and behind).

  3. I like that light. I wear reflective gear but haven't had a need for a light yet. Thanks for the product review!

  4. I love this idea of the cap clip! I need a headlamp for DWD and this would work perfectly!

    Where can I find one?

  5. Great review of the cap light! A semi-related question for you: when you use the Firefly, do you ever have trouble turning it on or off? Recently, I've only been able to turn mine on and off with pliers! Not the most convenient, but I guess I'll do what it takes to be seen. Maybe I just have weak fingers?

  6. Stephanie - has them

    Katie - Yes, mine is also very difficult to turn on and off although I don't need pliers. They need a better way to do that, I agree.

  7. HA, that looks like a miniature Star Trek Enterprise.....

  8. Haha. I suppose it does. Now I'll be thinking I look even dorkier but it works!

  9. I want one of those blinking lights. And, since I've been away for awhile, I love what you've done with your blog. Wowza. (And it's Anne from Run DMZ ... not Anonymous, which your site prefers.)