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Sep 22, 2011

Name two blogs...

5 miles on the schedule today....done!


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Medals not included(sorry)

How many blogs do you follow?  I assume most of you follow running/tri blogs like I do.  There are some awesome blogs out there.  Do you have time to read them?  I try to do my best and I don't always comment but I try to comment as much as I can.  I do a lot of lurking!  People really have some great ideas of what they talk about.  Others love doing reviews(including me) of running merchandise.  Still others give great details of race reports(myself included).  Some I read are SO detailed, I don't even know how you remember all the stuff that you write about.  I think a lot about nothing when I'm racing other than how can I run faster or checking out the scenery.  Others should probably write for a living - some of you probably do.  Who set up your blog?  Did you?  What's better - blogger or Wordpress?  I just wanted all of you to know that I do what I can to read your blogs and really enjoy hearing the perspective of others in regards to running/training, etc.  I also like seeing the creativity that you have put into your blog site.

Question of the day?  Name two blogs that you check out daily.  I'm always looking for new ones to follow!

If you follow me, thanks!  If you don't, get on board and add yourself as a follower or follow me on Facebook or Twitter - my posts go there daily.  If I don't follow you, let me know!

24 days until my next Marathon!  Can't wait!  There are less than 100 spots open for the full marathon in Detroit and the half is already sold out.

Relatively speaking, 4,400 marathoners is not that large a marathon but there will also be 10,300 half marathoners and right now another 1,900 relayers out there so it will start out kind of crowded and then really drop off at the half way point.

There is some satisfaction in knowing that I CAN and WILL(hopeful) finish.  It really helps me mentally knowing what to expect.  I will embrace the pain.  I will conquer the voices telling me to just walk a little.  I know that if I start walking, I will have too hard a time starting to run again so my goal is to run and keep running!  This I have on my side!

I have also been working on my nutrition and have at least been able to eat a little more before my long runs and races.  I have also taken in more calories during the races itself to hopefully not hit "the wall" or have this happen:

All the training will hopefully payoff on race day but as many of you know, it doesn't always go the way you want it, so I'm also preparing mentally for that as well.  Even though this is my second marathon, Finish is still the #1 goal.  Time is a true goal this time though and I long for under 4 hours.  One thing is for sure, I'll always have more chances - I'm already thinking about my third marathon next year(seriously)
Have a great day and......Keep Running!!!!


  1. barefoot josh -

    runblogger -

    Oh, and some guy named Detroit Runner...

  2. OK first up I follow 20 blogs on Google Reader and if I want to follow any others I would stop following one or 2 to keep it at 20. I do cheat and pop in at a couple of others via book marks...

    Now I follow blogs for fun, and to see how other people live their running life, and yes they are very different to mine:

    then I also want to know about stuff, so I follow:

    Some blogger write every day and some even less than me!!! Some I wish would write more...

  3. I enjoy Discom-BOB-ulated Running - She is one of the most physically active people I have read about and also is absolutely HYSTERICAL to boot! -

    Will Run for Margaritas often has some great posts (plus, who isn't willing to run for Margaritas?) -

    And last but not least - "Caution RedHead Running " - had been tragic due to her ongoign injury - but she is a great writere -

  4. I check yours daily. :-)

    Skinny Runner:
    Hungry runner girl:

  5. Wow - thanks - I added barefootjosh and livinginahayes. I already follow the rest. Thanks for following me too!

  6. Let's see,

    She's HILLARIOUS and very informative.

  7. I follow yours of course! One of my favorite blogs!

    Here is the first one I ever read and followed:

    I stumbled upon it by accident looking for something running related. That's when I realized that there was a whole world of running blogs out there. Where the hell have I been!!! It was then that I started my own. I'm not much of a writer, but I have fun with it. :)

    Here is another:

    There are so many out there and I enjoy all the ones I follow. I may not comment on all, but I do my best to read them all.

  8. I am so busy I end up being a lurker too, but I also try to comment when I can. Here are a couple of my must read blogger peeps.


    P, everyone loves P

  9. Thanks for the new blogs guys. I follow P, Jamoosh, SUAR, and blonde pony tail. Thanks P1T0, I did not follow these but do now!