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Sep 27, 2011

Running in fog....

5 miles on the schedule today....done.

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Today's run was my typical 5 miler.  Don't you just love those runs.  You know, the ones where you just do it and don't think about where you're going.  I know I love them.

Today's run was a unique run for me.  Believe it or not but in the couple years I've been running, I've never run in foggy weather.  As I was running, I was thinking I don't know how I could not have ever run in fog before.  All my runs are in the morning and 98% outside.  Is it me or does it seem that when you go through a thick part of fog when running it feels like you are trying harder to suck air into your lungs?  At some parts of the run, it felt like I could cut the air.

Another thing is that when it's dark AND foggy, it feels like your running when you're dreaming.  I was thinking I might end up waking up in my bed and realize that I shut off my alarm clock and went back to sleep.  But I'm awake now....and know that it wasn't a dream.  As I ran, I also kept thinking about that horror movie, The Fog.

It's funny because I've never even seen the movie!  It's probably not the best thing to be thinking about as you run in a dark and foggy place.  Haha!  Not that I was scared.

Question of the day?  What's a scary run you have gone on?

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!!


  1. I once ran a random route in Boston and found myself in a sketchy area of town at 5:00 AM. Needless to say I turned around and picked up the pace...

  2. When I run or walk the dog in the dark, my mind always runs away with me and I start thinking about what could jump out of the woods at me or could be watching me. It probably doesn't help that I live in the middle of the woods.

  3. The scariest run was my first leg in the dark when running the Red Eye Relay. My headlamp was not bright enough, I was in the country so there were no street lights, I was all alone and I thought I had made a wrogn turn. I was boarder line having an anxiety attack. Then my team van pulled up. Thank god! I got a brighter headlamp, was reassured I was on the right road and headed off.

  4. i used to live a half mile from a cemetery. i never thought anything about it, cause it was perfect to run in. especially my intervals. one night i went up there to do 1k repeats and it was crazy dark. eventually i saw someone on a bike with a headlamp headed towards me. turned out it was my husband who was worried about me...but it was super freaky at first :)

  5. My first leg at Hood to Coast was kind of scary. It was dark and I didn't know where the heck I was going. Hardly any people were out. It was hot and muggy and the air felt very 'close.' I think the fact that it was hard to breathe added to the scariness :P

  6. Wow - all of your runs are scarier than what I've had! Haha! Glad you are all safe!

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