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Jul 18, 2013

The Swim

I won't be changing my blog name to Detroit Triathlete anytime soon.  Haha!

I'm just not feeling the swim portion of a triathlon.  I'm not even feeling the bike portion much either even though I did get in a nice 18 miler Sunday.  I'm not really scared anymore that I can't do it but I think this is one thing(swimming) where lessons could really help improve your form.  Better form would lead to better times and most likely less effort as well.  The thing is - I don't care about it that much to pay for lessons.  Anyone want to teach me for free?  Ha!

Of course, I've only done one swim this year.   It's not enough to get good.  I don't belong to the gym so I won't be doing pool swims - see don't care part above.  One swim is enough to get me through the triathlon but I'm expecting to be near the bottom or on the bottom of the list.  That's ok for me.  This is a bucket list item - this triathlon.  While it's likely I'll do another in the future, I'm not sure I see myself ever being an Ironman.  I think I'll live.  Haha!

I do have a new found respect for triathletes though.  I'm not sure how you get good at all three sports without spending way more time than I have to train for them.  Even going through marathon training seems less time to me.  For me, I just can't see giving up my running time for swimming and biking.  I'd rather be a near the top of the mid pack runner than a better triathlete.

I would have an interest in doing a half ironman relay though next year where I do the run portion(13.1 miles).

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. I might have done 2 x Ironman, but next time I have said I need time to cycle, 5-6 hours on the bike is a long time if you don't put in the miles, and then swimming!!! Well the last one I trained at home in our little pool, never again... I would love a couple of lessons to get things right. I only got through the swim because I have borrowed a friend very good wetsuit!

  2. When I did my one and only triathlon, I was last in my age group in the swim. (and only a few from last overall!) I moved up a few places in the bike with my OLD Target mountain bike. I was 2nd in my age group in the run!! Of course, individual events don't count for anything. During the run, I never got passed! I passed people the whole entire 5K run!! I was passing people in fancy triathlon suits! It was fun and I'm sure I will do another one someday. Two years ago, I bought a used tri bike from a friend and I took it and had it tuned up and got biking shoes but have yet to do another tri.
    I must have missed the entry where you said when/where your triathlon is.