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Jul 15, 2013

The road to Indiana.......week #2

Borrowed from Monumental Marathon Facebook page
Week 2

So here it is!  I know, I've been trying to post daily what I've done but this gives you a good idea of what the whole week looked like.

Monday - 3 miles(Actual - 3.10 miles, weights, yoga)
Tuesday - 5 miles(Actual - 5 miles, yoga)
Wednesday - 3 miles(Actual - 3.10 miles, weights)
Thursday - Rest(Actual - yoga)
Friday - 5 miles(Actual - 5 miles at 7:35 pace)
Saturday - 11 miles(Actual - 11 miles, yoga)
Sunday - Cross train(Actual - 18 miles on the bike)

Total Run miles - 27.20 miles

Almost the exact same thing I did for last week except no swimming or kayaking this week but I did add some biking.  I also adjusted the schedule for Friday's run and decided to run a pace run(meaning marathon pace) versus what the plan said which was just run five miles.  I feel like I need to try and get that pace run in when I'm feeling good but, once again, it's made for a much harder Saturday long run but that's the point.  Both these runs really give me confidence when I can hit the pace I want.

Anyway, week two is in the books with 16 weeks more to go.

I hope your training is going well too!


3 miles this morning.  Hot and sticky out there at 5am.  I also did weights before and yoga after.  Monday is always one of my most productive days - go figure.


Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Congrats on a good week! I'm the same way with Mondays - I love starting the week off strong :)

  2. What does one of your weight sessions look like? I usually try to do at least one exercise per muscle (bi's, tri's, shoulders, back, chest). I am always looking for new strength training exercises.

  3. 1 week at a time... can't wait to see how your miles tick up as you get into the 'meat' of your training!