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Jul 27, 2013

The Pace Run

The pace run.  It's exactly what it it says it is.  It's a run at marathon pace(7:44 for me) to help you get used to running that pace.  It also helps you the following day when you run on tired legs for your long run.

Today's pace run sucked!  Haha!  Ok, really, no run for me ever sucks because I love being out there.  I'm happy to be able to be out there running and know that I'm lucky to be able to run.  Regardless of weather or pace, I'm happy.....however!!!!

I did miss several splits on today's run.  My first mistake?  I went out way too fast.  I mean - look at that first split.  There's no reason for it.
Essentially what that did is slow me down for the last half of my run.  Stupid - just stupid.  I will say that the route I did was a little big hillier than I've been doing for my pace runs.  Not that it's trails or mountains but hillier nonetheless.  Here's the elevation:
My original plan was to start in downtown Utica right next to the library and run the full way on the paved trail as an out and back.
Utica next to library
That plan changed as I got further out on the trails.  Because the route is next to the Clinton River, it's not uncommon for it to be flooded in this area.  It was not fully flooded but there was a spot where I would have had to run through quite a bit of water so I took a different way and looped around to Van Dyke.  After that, I headed back to the trail and ran through downtown Utica. 
Since I had six miles to do, I made my way up to Utica High just North of Utica and then back to my car in Downtown.  Of course, I would have rather stayed on the trail but you have to adapt sometimes(or run in wet shoes)

The river is down but still flowing well.  Here's a quick video I took next to the river after my run.

It's really a nice area in Utica and I enjoy the occasional run here.  You have to change it up a little to keep things interesting so while I didn't meet the paces I wanted, I'm happy to be out there.
River area in Downtown Utica
Next to Downtown Utica
Up next, trails!  Yeah!  I'm SO looking forward to a slow long run on the Pontiac Lake Trails tomorrow.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. What a beautiful place to run! I hate when I go out too fast and pay for it later..better now than race day though :)

  2. Nice little route, I find that if I go out to fast on a paced run I just try and stick to the faster pace. (but then I pay for it later in the week...