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Jul 2, 2013

June Recap

Another month bites the dust!  I'm tired just looking at this!  Here's my June recap:
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Miles Run:  115 miles(19 workouts including races)

Races:  4 races this month; the most I've ever done including 2 half marathons, 10 miler and a marathon relay!

Miles Biked:  18 miles(3 workouts)

Miles Swam:  None but I do plan on some swimming in July.....really, I do!

Weight sessions:  6 workouts(a couple less since I was on vacation)

Yoga sessions:  16 workouts; the most I've ever done in a month; I love it!

Canoe - 2 miles with my son.  Fun times and a good workout!

45 total workouts for the month - a very busy month indeed!

How was your month?

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Looks like more than enough exercise to keep you out of trouble...

    and not too much to get you in trouble!!!!

    1. Well said coach. I'll get into the trouble part later in the year. Lol.

  2. Nice job!! And look at you a Yogi? Who knew! Congrats on a solid month!

    1. The yoga has helped my flexibility which has helped my running!