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Jul 29, 2013

The Road to Indiana.....week #4

Week 4

Week four is in the books.  One month down and 14 weeks to go!

Monday - 3 miles(Actual - 3.11 miles, weights, yoga)
Tuesday - 6 miles(Actual - 6.01 miles, yoga)
Wednesday - 3 miles(Actual - 3.14 miles, yoga)
Thursday - Rest(Actual - yoga)
Friday - 6 miles(Actual - Cross Train 13.45 miles on the bike) - road the trails at Stony Creek
Saturday - 13 miles(Actual - 6.01 miles, yoga)
Sunday - Cross train(Actual - 14.31 miles) - Pontiac Lake Trails - tough run

Total Run miles - 32.58 miles

A really tough week for me.  I had a tough time meeting my pace on Saturday's pace run and while I really enjoyed running on the trails on Sunday, my IT band is hurting.  I didn't even do that much more than I was supposed to but I think the back to back running is wearing on me.


Rest day today - I was supposed to run 3 but still feeling yesterday's run.  I did do my yoga and weights though.


Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Great job training for far! Hope your IT Band starts to feel better. My boyfriend had a brutal time with his. Foam rolling could only do so much!

  2. Have never used a foam roller, but use my fist... But my ITB never really gives me any trouble.

    1. Only second time in 4 yrs for me. The first put me down for a couple weeks. I sensed it and so I cut back to not get hurt further. Thanks coach.

  3. You have become a yoga-maniac lol. Hope you are feeling better! I do love Indy!