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Jan 14, 2013

Yoga for men?

5 miles on the schedule today. Done!  Overall feeling pretty good but it sure was an abrupt change back to cold temperatures this morning.
So I've been thinking of trying yoga to help me not only with my hips but also my overall fitness. Typically, I would go to the experts. You know, go to a yoga class. I have not decided to do that yet and really the main reason is that it's mostly(99%) women. Or perhaps that number is lower but guys do it at home? I was talking with a fellow runner about this who does yoga and told him I was thinking about talking some classes. Before I even finished my sentence, he said, "yeah, most women would think you are a dirty old man."

I agree with what he's saying that most women would think that way. Of course, in reality, it's the furthest thing from my mind. And probably not what most women think. I'd be going for the same reason those women are there which is to improve my strength(my core) and flexibility to help me continue running uninjured.

Another issue is how to pick a studio, an instructor, a class, a type of yoga. The whole thing really is new to me. I may just start by going to my local yoga studio that is close to home - The Yoga Studio of Shelby. It looks like they know what they're talking about and they have a first time drop in of only $10 + $2 mat rental. They also have a beginning yoga class as well to try it. Seems worth a try if I can work up the nerve. I know I shouldn't worry but you know......

I've got a co-worker who goes to yoga with his wife. He says it takes time to find the right instructor and class that you enjoy and helps you. I think it would also be easier if my wife went but its not really something she's into doing.

My other alternative is to purchase a DVD for yoga and start by doing it at home. At least I can get an idea if I like it or not for a relatively inexpensive cost. Probably not more than what a class would cost to drop in? I can't believe how many different types of yoga there are - its overwhelming!
So ladies(or gentleman who do yoga). What's your favorite kind of yoga and what would you suggest for a newbie looking to help with running? Anyone have a favorite DVD for yoga they love? I'm trying to expand my horizons on my cross training days.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


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  2. My former yoga class (I have a time conflict now) had men, most of them active duty Marines. You might be surprised at its difficulty, especially if you've been running a long time. There are a lot of different types of yoga, as there are instructors. Your friend is right; you just have to shop around.

    And sorry to delete the first message.

  3. There are several guys in my yoga classes on Saturday mornings...not as many on Monday maybe it depends on the time of instructor is a man too, so maybe that helps.

    Yoga has helped me stay injury free training for races for almost a year now. I only do it once a week, but it seems to have helped me a lot.

  4. I've never been, but my wife keeps trying to get me to go. I notice plenty of guys leaving, when I sometimes drive her there. I'll eventually give in and try it, but not yet. In the meantime, DirtDawg recommends the Simply Yoga app for iOS. I've been looking for a decent Android app to maybe get myself started.

  5. I took yoga classes and done the DVD's - I think I would always prefer in studio clases, but for the convenience and cost I like DVD's at home too. My favorites are always Rodney Yee DVD's. He has good intro ones and a dvd that's also specific yoga ocnditioning for athletes.

    One that I love is just a simple morning wakeup one he has. It's not very long and it's just a quick "wake up your body" routing that I always feel great from doing.

    And as a woman, unless I caught a guy staring oddly I never view them as creepers - but I undertsand the weird feeling you would get from just being there! :)

  6. I wouldn't let the gender thing scare you off. Shop around and maybe even call a few places and ask for suggestions for classes for a male beginner. Mention you are a runner at class and if it a good instructor, s/he will show you some good stretches. I definitely would suggest a class with a good instructor (go to a yoga studio and not just a gym that offers some classes) because they can really help you hone in to the exact position to get the full stretch and not get hurt. After having found some excellent instructors, I find videos and gym yoga classes to be sub-par (and I try hard not to be a snob about such things).

  7. Check out Dirty Yoga:

  8. Hey go to a class! I love yoga and enjoy every minute of it. And usually each class has about 10% men in it. It is great for feeling better after long runs and I think it improved my stride...a gaiam DVD will prolly work, an intro one would be best. will be excited to hear what you think!

  9. If you can find a locall men's class, give it a try I have not found any in Detroit yet, so if you do find one, let me know and I will post it here:
    It's a list I've been compiling for guys to more easily find a men's class.
    My guys appreciate a men's persective when it comes to a yoga teacher.
    Good luck,
    Mr. Stacey Reeves
    YoGuy Men's Yoga
    Vancouver, Canada
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