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Jan 8, 2013

Bulu Box review

Bowflex/strength exercises on the schedule this morning.


A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to review the Bulu Box. Essentially the Bulu Box is sent every month with samples of various vitamin, supplement and health products so that you have a chance to try out the products before you commit to using them on a daily basis. Here's what I was sent:
Bulu Box
I like the concept of this idea. It gives you a chance to try out something before committing to it long term.  Once you decide you like something, you can then go on the Bulu Box website and purchase the product you like.  If you don't like anything, wait for next months supply.  The cost of the Bulu Box is only $10 per month or less if you commit to a longer schedule so a very reasonable cost in my opinion for what you get. Speaking of that, here's what was inside mine:
The contents
6 products
Detailed descriptions
The box comes with a complete description of everything in the box so you know the benefits of each product. While I think the concept is great, my concern is that some of what was in the box is such a small sample that it's really difficult to know whether it's something want to commit to purchasing. Here's a closer look at each item in the box:

In the above package, I received six products. Out of these, I believe four of them are something I could determine if I wanted to use again right away because there is something you can taste. If you like the taste, it's something you probably would use. Ah - this is the main advantage to trying the Bulu Box. While you would spend $10 for the box, you would not end up buying some of the products and wasting more money in the long run.  Not because the products are not good for you but they are not your personal taste preference.

There are, however, two items in here that are basically tablets that you use.  While they give you 2-6 tablets to try, I'm not sure I still could make a determination if that was something I wanted to try for longer term use. There were a couple things that I tried that I know I would not purchase and a sample was more than enough to determine it.

So if you are looking for some new health items to try, I think the Bulu Box is a great way to try it. You can set it up monthly, or get a 3,6,12 month package to try out. I think the annual package would be the way to go to really get an idea of what you might like or not like since you would get a tremendous variety in that 12 months.  It's also not a bad gift for your health conscious friend.  Shipping is also free.

Interested in learning more about Bulu Box?

Go to their website, HERE.

Go to their Facebook page, HERE.

Go to their Twitter page, HERE.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

* Note - I received a complimentary Bulu Box in exchange for this review. All opinions on this blog post are my own and I was not paid or required to give a particular opinion on the product.


  1. Very cool concept!! I wish I had been able to try out several fitness related things before I bought them!

  2. have you heard of Klutch Club? It's a similar healthy box product, but they also include coupons and discount cards for different apparel places too which I really liked. I originally tried them with a groupon when they were first starting out, and now they do boxes specifically for men and women. A little pricey with the shipping - but I might sign up for them again soon!