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Jan 2, 2013

What I learned with my rest time

Cross train on the schedule today - I did my typical weights workout plus added some strength exercises that are in Hanson's Marathon method book.


For those of you that follow, you know my plan was to take off some time at the end of the year.  I originally started with the plan to take off seven days but ended up being ten days of no running.  I only did two weights workouts as well.

Here's what I learned:
  • Everyone needs to take a break every now and then.  From now on I will do this on an annual basis usually near the end of the season(November/December)  It helps rejuvenate me into enjoying running again.  What a surprise - not.

  • Not running does not necessarily fix things.  I'm not sure that not running helped things that much.  Time will tell if it did or not.  I do know that it did NOT hurt taking off this time.  I plan to get a sports massage in the near future and see if that helps as well.  I've always been a believer that stretching and self massage has helped me overall.
  • You don't lose that much fitness - I have to say that from yesterday's 3 miler(I know, it's not that long) that I learned taking off 10 days, you don't lose that much fitness.  It's not like I was huffing and puffing.  Many experts feel there a significant reduction(3-7%) but let's be real here - I'm not an elite so 7% is not THAT material to me.  On a half marathon, that reduces my time from 1:40 to 1:47. Significant? I guess but nothing for me to lose sleep over. 
  • I'm happy to not be running a full this year - the half still remains my favorite distance - I would actually love to run a full this year. Confused yet?  In my mind, I want to run a full but I know that I cannot handle it right now so I'm getting back to basics.  Enjoying the run.  I've thrown my time goals out the window this year.  Could I push it sure, but why?  I also want to get back into running the trails when the snow clears or maybe when they are not clear.  Snowshoeing anyone?
  • Weights workouts - I need to do more of this.  All things lead to a strong core.  I need to workout more with weights and will shoot for at least twice a week this year.  It's a difficult thing for me to do consistently but I know it will make me a better and stronger runner.
Let's get to know each other again.
  • Enjoy the run - if it's not fun, why do it?  Enough said.
Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Great stuff. I'm sure it helped and you'll notice the difference on a longer run. And yes, if it's not fun, why do it?

  2. Time off is always good and 10 days seems like a nice break without too much time passed. I sure am looking forward to being done with Goofy Challenge and running for fun now. Lots of Half Marathons on the books, but want to strength train too. Balance for 2013!
    Happy New Year!