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Jan 10, 2013

This and that....

Cross training on the schedule today. I've really been trying to keep twice a week with cross training - specifically strength training. I've done good so far and I believe it's helping me get stronger so I feel better on my long runs. Of course, I have not done a double digit long run yet this year but I will be back to 10 miles next weekend(not tomorrow). I'm easing my mileage back up and will finish out this week with 20 miles. Haha. It sounds so funny to say that when just a short few months ago, that was my long run but I'm just happy to be enjoying running.


Did you receive this yet?

February 2013 edition


There's some great articles in there this month including a pick of best half marathons around the US. I've only run one on their entire list - the Flying Pig. Actually, I did the full. It was a great(hot and hilly) race. There are several I would love to do on this list. My number one pick on their list would be the B.A.A Half marathon.


Speaking of racing, are you signed up for any yet? Anyone racing in January? I'm considering signing up for my first race ever in January but I'm not sure I'm ready yet. I threw my name in for a 5k contest so maybe I'll win and get to race that. Should know soon. I'll be blogging about an upcoming race tomorrow that you won't want to miss.


Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!!!



  1. I have plenty races lined up for the year. I obviously race in January often as it is our summer :)

  2. I have my race calendar set, but only officially signed up for 2 so far; Boston marathon and Detroit marathon. I'll be registering for Rock CF half next week as well as a local 4 miler that runs in February.

  3. I haven't run any of the ones on the list but I am doing the #4 race which is the Virginia Beach (Shamrock) Half in March. I am really excited. I've got a bunch of races set for this year. Everything through June is registered for and am looking at the rest of the year already.