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Jan 19, 2013

Where's your stomping grounds?

10 miles on the schedule today.  I ended up with a little over 11 miles at Stony Creek today.  We ran with a bunch of guys.  There must have been 10 of us.  I enjoy running in a group like that.  It makes the time pass quickly.  Here's what we did:
Click to enlarge
We did one loop at Stony Creek and then did an out and back out of the park to Dequindre.  It's a very good run and gives you some challenges as well.  We thought the mileage was about 10 miles but we were off over a mile.

Speaking of Stony Creek Metropark.  This is our training grounds, especially for winter training.  We also train on the Paint Creek Trail as well but much of our training gets done at the park.  It's an incredible resource!  They have bike trails, running trails, paved running, lots of road for distance cycling, swimming at the lake, and a nature center.  You get all this for only $25/year!  There's always something to do and see throughout the year.  Here's some pictures mostly taken while running.  Enjoy!
This is the coldest run I've ever done at Stony.  The regular temperature was around 10 degrees.
Stream by running path - taken by me
Lake on fall day - courtesy of my running buddy T
Lake on fall day - courtesy of my running buddy T 
Lake on summer day at dusk - courtesy of my running buddy T
Running path in fall
Courtesy of my running buddy T
Wild flowers at Stony - courtesy of my running buddy T
Stony on a winter day near the running path - take my yours truly
Back to the beach finish 2012
Taken by Matt
Trolley trails - love these trails
The landscape trail near the nature center
On Eastwood beach in Summer
Rainy/sun after a midweek run
More wild flowers off Trolley Trails
You caI hope you enjoyed seeing where my regular running is done.  Of course, most of this is done on the weekends since I run outside my home during the week and it's usually dark then.

Where is your regular running done?

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. It's so nice there! What a great resource. I do a lot of my running on a couple local bike paths. One I run to from my house (it's a nice 7.25 mile round trip run)' another bike path that I drive to (path is about 14 miles long and good for long runs and biking) and then there is a 4 mile loop in my neighborhood that I take a lot of my runs.

  2. Gabrielle (mareavivama)January 19, 2013 at 9:02 PM

    That looks absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pictures!
    I spend most of my running time along the Charles River in Boston (usually in the dark!)....but need to get out and find other local running spots as well!

  3. Wow! Gorgeous! I run a lot around my neighborhood these days. *yawn*

  4. I do my long runs out at Stoney Creek - so nice out there!

  5. I'm sitting in my living room recovering from getting my wisdom teeth removed and I'm pretty jealous of the scenery in those photos.
    Most of my runs are a boring series of loops around Mile Square Park here in Fountain Valley, CA. The long runs usually find me on the equally boring and flat Santa Ana River trail.