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Jan 6, 2013

My #PlankADay challenge 2013

Rest day on the schedule today.

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The Plank
So since the beginning of the year.....yes, 6 days ago, I know - I decided to try the #PlankADay challenge.  Basically you time yourself and do a plank each day.  It does not have to be long and you don't have to do more everyday but you need to do one each day and then discuss it on Twitter using the hashtag #PlankADay.  Obviously the goal is to improve your time which in turn will improve your fitness.  One of the great things is the @PlankPolice will tweet you if you don't send you daily plank in to remind you to get back to it so they help keep you on track.  Cool!

Now for me, I've done a 1:00 minute plank since the first of the year but today I challenged myself to go longer.  The most I could get to is 2:17.  If you've never done a plank before, you will realize these things are hard.  I mean really hard.  But they do get easier.  I'm sure it helps that I'm in fairly good physical shape from running and was able to hold that long but there are people who can do 10 minutes and I can't even imagine that time - for now.  Regardless, for me, this is something that can help strengthen my core even further and help me become a better runner.

So are you interested in joining and help strengthen your core?  Ok, go HERE and you can learn more about it.  The site shows you how to do a plank and will explain any questions you may have.  I'm looking forward to the challenge over the next year.  My goal is to do this everyday in 2013.

Anyone can do one plank a day, right?  Also, if you are interested in following Detroit Runner on Twitter, you can at @Detroitrunner1 or click on the twitter symbol on my blog.

Thanks to the founders of #PlankADay Revolution for helping me with another fitness goal.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. I just can't NOT do this!

    Actually, I've been wanting to for quite some time now. It's just too simple not to... I have no excuses for not hopping on the floor with my iPhone stopwatch to do this challenge.

    Maybe while I'm down there I'll get back into my push-ups and sit-ups hehe!

    One of my goals for 2013 is to get back into Pilates and Yoga, so this will definitely contribute to getting centered again and increasing my overall core strength.

    Happy New Year Jeff!!

  2. Thank you for the info. I am in. Started today with 1:15 min plank.

  3. I like a lot of your medals esp. the brightly colored holiday ones. It's a great idea to have all of your medals pictured.

  4. I like the idea of it. Another thing to add to my list of things to do! Lol

  5. Thanks for joining the #plankaday challenge! As a former Detroit Metro resident I'm hoping you post some plank pics around the D! I posted a link to your post on the PlankADay Facebook page, check it out!

    Stay hard CORE,