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Jul 31, 2012

Thinking of dialing it back?

Unplanned rest day on the schedule today.  Since I ended up running yesterday, I have not missed anything.  Another thunderstorm this morning but I can still get in my miles.


Speaking of miles, I've been thinking of scaling back on my marathon training plan.
Grand Rapids Marathon 10/21/12
I'm currently following Hal Higdon's Intermediate II plan but there's only one's hard!  When I first started the plan, I did not think that it was much different from Intermediate I which I have done for my last two marathons.  I really wanted to get in more miles this time around but my body is showing signs of slowing and little aches and pains that have made me questioning the amount of miles.  I'm attributing this to three reasons:

  1. The miles are much higher for this plan overall
  2. The weather has been horrible - even morning training has been difficult due to high temps.
  3. I've tested many different pairs of shoes over the last couple months(still testing two outside my normal kicks) and thinking perhaps my body does not like that change

This week I have Rest,8,4,8,4, cross train and 16 on the schedule and I'm only on week 7 of 18 weeks.  I would not hit that for another three weeks on the Intermediate I schedule.  If you look at week 7 on the Intermediate I schedule, I would be doing Rest,7,4,7,4,cross train, 14 - only 4 miles more.  FOUR miles?  Does it really change things that much?  Yes, because I have another 11 weeks of training that progressively get harder.

The reason that the Intermediate II plan is about three weeks ahead is that the plan allows you to get in an extra 20 miler for three total in the plan.  My worry is the way I'm feeling now, I'm not sure I want to get an extra one in.  I think the toll of running four marathons in two seasons is starting to catch up to me.  I'm also thinking I like Winter training so much better. Ha!

Of course, that's how I feel at this moment in time.  I'll take the day to rest and see what tomorrow brings.  I just don't want to get hurt and end up missing more running.

Maybe it's time I start swimming and biking more and running less to prepare to run my first triathlon next year?  Not that I'm saying that's easy but replacing high impact exercise with more low impact exercise  can't hurt.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. OK I think it's time you got yourself a coach...

    and I think that coach should be you!!!

    Now yes you can keep taking programs off the internet or you could even ask someone like me to send you a program, but you will keep hitting the same problems. So you need a coach to plan a program around your body and the way it re-acts to training.

    You see I don't have a problem running 100miles a weeks with 3 hard sessions and 20miles on the weekend, and I bet I could do that for 4 or 5 weeks before it gets to much... That type of program will just break you. So yes you want more weekly miles, but then for the first couple of months you might need a couple more rest weeks so maybe:
    week 1 hard
    week 2 hard
    week 3 easy
    week 4 hard
    week 5 hard
    week 6 easy
    then maybe you will be ready for 3 hard weeks

    As for what goes into the hard weeks: distance & hills/speed/tempo ect... you've done it all before you know what works.

    good luck.
    The Coach has spoken

    1. Thanks Coach. I agree with you. I just came off a cutback(easy week) and this was the start of hard week. Foot feels better now so I'll run 4(flat) miles tomorrow and see how it goes.

  2. LOL, Coach Dion is right. You've been going solo and it's tough to stay motivated and not have these periods of doubt. A coach or running group could possibly help in the weeks to come, the hard weeks!

    1. Ken, as you know, I have no issue of motivation. I'm willing to do the work and never have issue getting out there. It's my body that has a different thought. I agree the group helps keep you going and may take you up on that at Stony. I've been avoiding Stony to run on trails(Paint Creek) but did run 10 up the nature center and back on Saturday. By the way, hope the ride went well.

    2. Coach ken he has a group that he has to answer to, us the blog readers, so if his blog doesn't start 5miles on the plan, 5 miles run, we start asking why...

    3. I have run with Ken's group(unofficially) and it is good and geared towards individual speed, performance, lengths . Not just your average, lets run 13 today. My point is that I don't need others(while they do help) to motivate me. I just need a younger body. Ha!

  3. I think training plans, in general, kind of suck, and that after we've done enough marathons, we learn what we need to do and personalize it for ourselves. Most training plans I look at would have me injured. I do think we need to understand the theory behind each program, and why we are doing certain runs. I just try to throw in a nice mix of long runs, tempo runs, hills and speed, (I do not do all of these every week, but have more of a 10 days to 14 days training period).

    Of course, it's all an experiment of one, and everything I know could be wrong.

    1. Mark - never had an issue and I went through three of them. This one is tough though so I'll take it day by day. Just need to keep my mind in the game if my body cooperates.

  4. Is your first triathlon going to be a 70.3??? That would be hard core. I haven't done a marathon in a few years and I don't miss the longggggggg runs!

    1., I'd start with a sprint just like I did with running and work my way up to a 70.3. Because I have the fitness though, I'd probably do a 70.3 by the end of next season(assuming I can get the nerve to just to a try in the first place)

  5. Listen to your body! The Intermediate II plan is kinda hard-core.