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Jul 9, 2012

Running on Vacation - do you?

Rest day on the schedule today but decided to start my week with a run so I did 3 miles today.

If you guys have a minute, please go to this link by clicking HERE and "liking" the photo on Facebook.  I'm trying to win an entry into one of my favorite half marathons this fall and the contest ends on 7/11.  Thanks everyone!

Do you do it?  I do.  Everyone should but everyone doesn't.  I'm talking about running on vacation.  I enjoy getting out and running in new places.  I'm sure it's a little easier for me since I'm a guy.  I'm also under the thought that if it's your time to go, it's your time to go.  However, I'm not sure I'd like my wife out running alone in new places especially in the dark or a foreign Country.  I've been able to see some great things while running while on vacation or while in a different city even if it's just for work.

Do you really want to run on the hotel's treadmill every time you are out of town?  I hope not.  I'm also not saying that you have to continue the same schedule when you go on vacation.  Usually I do run but not as many miles as I normally do when I'm home unless it's just going up to the cottage then I keep my routine.  Here's just a few photo's of what I've seen while running when out of town:
Pittsburgh bridges
10 degrees this day
Mackinac Island, MI; 8 miles around the island perimeter(no cars allowed)
One of my favorite runs
UP Michigan Trails(I only saw one other person!)
Mexico Cruise - Pretty but a little bit of a sketchy area.
Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Just got back from vacation. I ran a little bit, including doing a race, but didn't run nearly as much as planned. The main culprit was the weather. It was crazy hot all week and I just wasn't up for running.

  2. All ways run on vacation... I had to take the a week off last month to look after my wife (long story) and ended up running my biggest week in over 9 years!!!