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Jul 20, 2012

Not just road racing....

10 miles on the bike today plus a weights workout.  That's four weeks in a row for weights.  Yes, surprising since I hate it so much.  Probably should be doing twice a week but I can't commit.

The popularity of races has been increasing each and every year.  I've only been running/racing the last three years and even I'm surprised by how much the demand has gone up.  It's nice on one hand to see people being active and enjoying running.

What I've noticed is all the alternative types of races that seem to be popping up.  Are we really bored just running the roads or trails?  Some of my best races have been those?  Here's a quick list of alternative races I can think of just off the top of my head.

Warrior Dash - I think they are the ones that really started this whole trend - I did was fun!(see my post Wednesday for a discount if you're in Michigan)

Mudathlon - yup, you guessed it, a mud run.

Tough Mudder - the 10-12 mile obstacle course they don't call a race.

The Color Run - this is a new one - get colors thrown on you during the race...ah...ok.

Spartan Race - They have various distance - some absolutely crazy stupid(such as no water)

Muddybuddy - Run and bike with mud/obstacles with a team of two.

Urbanathlon - Yes, in the cities with obstacles.

Greaturbanrace - more obstacles in urban settings.

Beach Dash - obstacles at the beach, of course.

XTERRA - run/ride race series

I'm sure there are many more.  Of course, there's also all kinds of triathlons which have been around a long time including the Ironman.  There's also women specific races too.  Or what about Relays such as Ragnar or Hood to Coast?  Don't forget Ultramarathons too.  What, you don't want to run 100 miles?

Of course, from what I've seen, most of these events are at least $50 and many of them charge for parking along with food after the race.  Yet, these races sell out all the time.  I think I'm in the wrong business.
My friend and I doing Warrior Dash Michigan 2011
Have you run one of these events?  I did the Warrior Dash.  Would you do it again or is it a one time thing for fun?  Probably one time for me.  Do you think most of the people that do these are regular runners?  I would say most are probably not regular runners.  Give me your thoughts.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. I still want to do a warrior dash type of race, but haven't been able to find one that works with my schedule. Seems like they are always happening the same date as some other race I'm doing. I like the idea of changing it up and making it more about fun than time.

  2. Nice post! At the moment I'm only running trail and road as I have some ultra goals to achieve over the next few years. I even know what my two ultimates would be and hope to get there one day. After that...some adventures might be on the card or...maybe even some triathlons. Have a super weekend Jeff!

  3. These are definitely fun to do. I did two Warrior Dashes. The first I did with friends and the second one I did with my family which was awesome!!!

  4. I signed up for the Color Run this weekend. I don't see the point on wasting $30 on a 5K every other weekend so this is my only 5K I'm indulging in this year. It will be fun and I'll try to race it... will probably PR.

  5. I did a Dirty Dash and had fun but I won't pay 50 to do it again. I think I am in the wrong business too! I think I would try some of the other runs though.

  6. Just did my 2nd Warrior today, but I'm pretty sure that's the end of that for me. One of these days I will do Tough Mudder, and then I can close the book on those races.