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Jul 2, 2012

Armpocket Sport i-20 review and GIVEAWAY!!

A couple weeks ago I received the Armpocket Sport i-20 to do a review for you guys.  The Armpocket is exactly as described -- it's a pocket that goes on your arm for when you are running.  Take a look:
Armpocket sport i-20
Before I start the review, you know how I like companies that are Eco-friendly?  The main part of the Armpocket is made from 100% post-consumer recycled PET materials made from plastic bottles.  Also, natural Bamboo Rayon is used instead of synthetic moisture wicking material.  I love when companies think about the environment before inventing a product!!

I want to say that this is not just an item used to listen to music.  In my eyes, this is a nice addition to your running because you have the safety of carrying your phone.  This is especially important when running in an unknown area or for the ladies.  I never used to carry my phone on my runs.  It's just one more thing to have to worry about, however, the Armpocket makes it much easier to carry along with you.  I actually find myself stopping to take a pictures when I'm on a run or if I need my phone, it's right there.

This little item has some incredible features.  First off, it holds my phone(in this case an iPhone but it holds most smartphones).
perfectly holds the iphone
Also, it will carry additional items such as money, keys, ID(which you should always carry), energy gels.  Really, it's great to carry whatever you want to bring with you and not have to worry about actually carrying these items.  It also fits my digital camera so great for a race when you want to bring a camera but don't want to carry it.  It has three interior pockets:
Interior pockets plus lots of space
It has memory foam, with a moisture wicking material(Bamboo), on the back where it touches your arm so it makes it comfortable to wear.  The Bamboo Rayon Mesh, not only wicks moisture but is an "ultra-soft, breathable fabric" to help keep you cool.  I even wore it on a long run with temps in the 80's and it was quite comfortable.
Bamboo mesh - moisture wicking & memory foam for comfort
The strap also is vented as well as seen below.  Here's a look at the arm pocket with it closed:
Well made; great quality
You can see the quality of the strap in this close up which shows how it's put on:
Stitching made well to take abuse of running
Here's how it sits on your arm.  You can put it on either arm.  I use my right arm because I carry a water bottle with my left arm so it seems to even out things when I'm running.  Some other nice features include being water resistant so I'm not worried about my phone, it has dual zippers for easy access to the inside and especially important to me is it has reflective piping around the front.  The plastic on the window is also touch-thru which means you don't have to take out the phone to change a song.

It takes a little getting used to having something strapped to your arm but, just like my water bottle, after a couple runs, you don't even notice it's there.  Unless, of course, you are listening to music. Ha!  I also like the fact that after a long run, you can throw it in the wash to clean it - a nice feature.

Here's a picture that shows how reflective it is(and this was in the daytime from just a camera flash)
Very reflective
The Sport i-20 comes in eight colors so it's fitting for both men and women.  It also comes in two sizes so you will need to measure your arm before ordering to get the perfect fit.  If you are looking for something smaller, Armpocket also sells the Aero i-10 or if you want more room, there's the Xtreme i-30 as well.

  • Easy to carry your phone
  • Comfortable
  • Does not bounce
  • Water resistant
  • Reflective for night running
  • The only issue for me was the zipper.  I liked that it had two zippers, however, they did seem to move around a little and make noise.  I will say I only noticed it when I ran alone probably because I was talking when I ran with others.
Interested in learning more?

Go to their website HERE.

Go to their Facebook page HERE.

Go to their Twitter page HERE.

Armpocket was also gracious enough to offer an Armpocket Sport i-20 to one of my lucky readers.  

Here's the rules:

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5 ways to win.  Good luck!  Contest will end on Wednesday, July 11th at 5pm.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. They do make a high quality product and I'm with you, it's nice to carry lots of stuff on runs!


    And I followed them on FB!

  3. I followed them on FB!

  4. Followed them on Twitter and tweeted!

  5. I like that it has 3 separate pockets.

  6. Liked on FB, Followed on Twitter and I like the many colors and pockets in addition to holding phone, which is something I should start doing..especially starting to run in new areas and alone!

  7. I always have issues if the little plastic window isn't tight enough to the phone, then it's hard to navigate with your finger without taking it out. I know, I'm high maintenance.

    1. Mark - you will be happy to know they thought of that. There is a little black strap that compresses the phone next to the plastic window so it works without taking it out. It would be a major flaw in the product otherwise.

  8. Liked on Facebook (both company and Detroit runner) and I like all the colors! I like options :) I also like that itlooks pretty chafe resistant! My current band rubs a bit.

  9. went to the website - I like the wide variety of colors and the pocket feature of the arm band.

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  14. That looks like a great way to carry a phone. I struggle with how to carry my phone and as a woman, I feel like I need to take it with me.

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