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Jul 16, 2012

Decisions - sleep or heat?

Well I'm off work today and normally I take off Monday and rest but I figured why not go for a run.  I could still sleep in and still get out there.  I ended up starting at 8:30am which does not sound so bad except that it was almost 80 degrees when I finished.

I had planned on six miles today but a couple miles into my run I looked at my running schedule.  No, I don't carry it with me!  Haha!  It's on my phone.  It said I had seven miles to do.  I can tell you it's quite demotivating when you have run only a couple miles and know you have to add another mile in this heat. the end.....I did what had to be done and got through it.  No other choice really.  I'm still trying to decide whether or not its easier to get up and run at 5am or run through the heat.  Not that it's much cooler at 5am but at least the sun is not beating on you yet.  Plus I don't really have the luxury of running later anyway.

I think I'll stick with 5am.
After my run - a sweaty mess.
Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. I've always been an early morning runner. I have to do some specific heat training for hot races though.

  2. I'm definitely in for early runs. It's good you got the run in -- we're under a dangerous heat advisory the next 2 days, would guess the same for you!

    1. Yes, very hot here the next two days - in fact, if I ran after work, I would probably skip it(or use the dreaded treadmill) - not safe.

  3. I'm with you on the early runs - if I can avoid the sun beating on me I'll take it! Good for you for getting your run done!