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Jul 13, 2012

Headsweats Airlite Hat review

Cross training on the schedule today.  10 miles on the bike today plus a weights session.

The Headsweats Airlite

A few weeks ago Headsweats sent me one of their Airlite hat for this review.  I always wear a hat for running even in the dark.  I do this for a couple reasons.  First, especially in the case of a Headsweats hat, it helps keep the sweat out of my eyes.  Second, in the rain, I wear it to keep the rain out of my face.  Last, when I run at night in the dark, I use it so cars can see me since it's reflective.

The Airlite has is exactly what is says it is.  It feels airlite on your head.  This hat is really comfortable and light(2 oz.).  It almost feels like I'm not even wearing a hat.  Also, there are some great features to the hat that I really like:

1.  It's reflective.  You can see when I took a picture how the hat reflected back the light.  It's this way on both sides of the hat to help drivers see you better.  For me, this is a necessity since I always run in the dark during the week.  It's clear cars see me better because I see them move away from me once I reflect back on them.
2.  It has a very easy strap to adjust the size quickly.(for ladies, it has a pony tail opening) Also, you will notice there is no velcro on this hat.  The adjustment is made much better this way in my opinion.  Also, what I have found is that when you put this through the wash, since it does not have velcro, it does not attach to other pieces of clothing in the washer like some of my other hats.
Quality made size adjustment
3.  It has black material under the cap to help with the suns glare.  Also, notice that it has a COOLMAX fabric knit wrapped headband to help keep you cool and keep the sweat off your face.
Black under cap
COOLMAX headband
4.  The hat is made with Headsweats proprietary wicking EVENTURE woven fabric.  Basically it soaks up the sweat.  When I come back from a run, the hat is dripping wet but it also dries quickly so I can use it the following day.

5.  I used it for two weeks in a row before I washed it to see how it would do with sweat.  I'm actually pretty amazed by how it did not show salt marks or sweat stains - yes, I know gross.  I know, it's white and more difficult to see stains, but it did not seem to absorb the salt the way my other hats do and leave a residue on the hat.  I've had hats that soak up the salt and become brittle when dry.  I didn't wash the hat on purpose because I also wanted to see how it did through the washer after wearing it so many times.  Since it's machine washable, it cleans up like new again and ready to use in the morning.

This is the fourth hat that I have by Headsweats.  The others are the Thermal Reversible Beanie for winter(see review HERE) and the Race Hat(2).  Bottom line is that it's a great quality hat that you will get years of use out of for your running endeavors and is especially good if you run in the dark.

Headsweats also sells all kinds of other hats for throughout the year including semi-custom and custom hats if you so choose.  They work with the Tour de France and Ironman as well for their branding.  If you are interested in more information or purchasing a hat,

Go to their website, HERE

Go to their Facebook page, HERE

Go to their Twitter page, HERE

* I received a Headsweats Airlite hat via Darby Communications for purposes of this review.  I was not paid for this review, was not required to give a positive review and all opinions are my own.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Their stuff is simple and it works!

  2. I'm very picky and full of nonsense when it comes to my running hat/cap. These look brilliant and I'm checking them out right now.

  3. I have 2 headsweats hats that I received as finisher's gifts from Ironman 70.3 events. They are great hats! I don't think mine are quite as fancy as yours, with the reflective panels, but I like them. I really like that they don't have velcro on them too. I get the velcro stuck in my hair sometimes :)