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Jul 27, 2012

Completing the season and giveaway reminder!

7 miles on the schedule today.  Hot, humid mess that it was, I still got it done.  I can only imagine what 50 mile weeks are going to feel like.


I have finished out my calendar for races this year!!!  Here's the line up:
It kind of looks like the beginning of my season.  Two half marathons and a full marathon in four weeks(except I did 3 half and 1 full in spring - which was too much).  I will have run seven half marathons this season and two marathons.  Yikes -- that's a lot of running!

Of course, there's no more racing after 12/12/12, right?


I also was to remind out that the contest for the free Michigan race entry sponsored by Renewal by Andersen of Detroit is going to end on Sunday.  If you have not joined the contest, go HERE.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

1 comment:

  1. 50 mile weeks? Hmm, Let me know. Or I'll time travel and ask my 30 year old self. And I bet you'll find you recover quick from the trail half. Something about the softer surface, as you probably know, just doesn't hurt as much. You ever do Run Woodstock? I want to make that one of my NYCM tune-ups.

    That bridge, frankenmuth marathon looks very neat. I could run there while my wife spends her yearly three hours in Bronners.