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Jul 21, 2012

Further testing....Injinji socks

Rest day on the schedule today.....just did a mile today.


Injinji via Scott from Outdoor PR sent me a couple pair of their socks in May.  I had already done a review on them(HERE) but they also sent me a couple more pairs to try out.  I've been running in these for the last several weeks.  Every pair they sent me is a little different whether it's the weight of the sock or the length or the color.  Here's the additional two pair I was sent:
Original weight
I also tested a mid weight and lightweight option from the previous review.  Once again, these are really great socks to run in.  Both have Coolmax in the material so they help keep your feet dry.  I've worn them for the last couple months.  I have never developed one blister from wearing these.  My only real issue with these is getting used to putting these one.  Since they have the toes, it takes a little bit of effort.  Not so much that I would not buy them but you(or at least I do) need to get your toes in there just right.

Once they are on, they always feel like they are just made for me.  I'm not sure how they do that since  everyone's toes are different but they feel great when running.  I've even been considering trying a pair of Vibram Fivefingers since I got these socks.  I don't run barefoot in any shoe ever so obviously these would help.  I also like the fact that you can't feel any seams in these so they are very comfortable.
Original Weight
Mid weight
Out of the three weights I received -- that being mid weight, original weight, and light weight -- I actually like the lightweight the best.  Of course, it is summer but I know that will not last and I'll be back to my preference being the mid weight.  I also like the mid weight and they are still great for summer running especially if you are planning on running really long distances.  Helps give you a little extra cushion.  Since guys wear these for the Western States 100, then they are good enough for me considering I won't be running close to this anytime soon.  Haha!  Injinji will remain in my running arsenal for years to come.

So if you have an interest in trying these out, please visit Injinji:

For their website, click HERE

For their Facebook page, click HERE

For their Twitter page, click HERE

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

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