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Mar 17, 2012


12 miles on the schedule today.  Since my running buddy, T, is enjoying himself right now on a cruise, I was planning on running 12 miles alone at Stony Creek.  However, Ken from Eastside Stony Creek TNT Coach mentioned they would be out there running at 8am on Saturday so I thought I would join them.

There were all levels of runners that were running from 6-18 miles today.  I planned on 12 miles and some of the runners were planning on 12 so I latched on and had a great run.  The team is running(training) for many races including Bayshore, Detroit, and even Madrid for the RNR marathon!  Wow that would be a fun marathon to run.

We took the path out to Dequindre and back for the first six miles.  It was VERY foggy this morning.  I have not run that route before but will certainly add it to my list of paths to run at Stony.  It was a nice out and back with a little bit of hills thrown into it as well.  It was very scenic with lots of wooden bridges to run on.  I wish I had brought my camera.  In parts of the run, you could also hear the frogs.  Yes, you heard right -- you could hear frogs in March in Michigan.

Of course, the reason you could hear frogs was that the temperature was in the low 50's.  It's supposed to be over 70 degrees today and much of next week - crazy!

I want to thank Ken for inviting me to run out with the team.  Someday, I'm going to sign up with them to run a marathon.  A truly great organization.

Off to relax a little before my race tomorrow.  I'm so excited to get this racing season started!  It's still not too late.  If you want to still run the ShamRock N Roll Run, you can sign up today at packet pick up for tomorrow morning before the race.  Check out details HERE if still interested.  Here's a nice little article about the race in today's paper too. - click HERE.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. That's great that you can run 12 miles the day before a race. I'm usually scared to run at all for fear that I will wear my legs out or hurt myself.

    Do you always run before a race, or is this a race where you are planning to "take it easy"?

    Hope to see ya tomorrow!

  2. Normally I will not run before a race unless it's a 10k or 5k. My training plan was to do 18 today so I cut it to 12 and will do the other 6.2 tomorrow morning. Should be by the registration table around 7:30am.