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Mar 5, 2012

Hyland Post #10 - were half way home!

Rest Day today!


Here's a recap of week #9 of 18 weeks of marathon training.

Miles Run:  33.16 miles
Days Run:  5 days
Cross Training:  None this week
Time Training:  4 hours and 54 minutes


The last week was really a struggle for me - and it was a cutback week.  First I had a cold the entire week and am still getting over it.  Second, I ran 5 miles in cold, pouring rain while sick -- not too smart, huh?  Third, I ran at 4am(normally 4:45am) and it was just too early for me.  Fourth, my right achilles has been bothering me a little since Friday's run although it is feeling better now.  Now doesn't that make you want to run a marathon?  Haha!  Sorry, we all have bad weeks when training.  I'm hoping this is my only one.

Fortunately, I ended the week pretty well.  Yesterday, my running buddy and I ran 13.1 miles, a half marathon distance, for our training run.  We decided to take it to the trails which were only slightly covered in snow.  Overall a pretty good run with no pain or soreness so I'll take it as a win for the week.  The past week was a cut back week.  Can you believe it?  I'm half way through the marathon training.  The miles are going to get serious now.
Half way there - 9 weeks until Marathon time!
This week coming up is back to higher mileage.  I've got two eight milers planned and two four milers planned for the week and will finish up with a 17 mile long run for a total of 41 miles for the week - hopefully!  The eight milers are really tough to do before work, at least for me.  I really struggle with this distance before work and then having to work all day.  By the time I get home in the evening, I'm toast!  These longer runs though are needed to keep me going so I'm ready come May.  I'd also like to get back to cross training but just can't get motivated to start again.

How's you're training coming?  Are you ready for some big miles?

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. great job getting through the week when you didn't feel well. Hopefully you're back to feeling 100% for the bigger miles this week. I had a cutback week too. I have no idea how you can do 8 before work. I think my max is or 6. Good luck!

    1. Yeah 8 is hard but just like any other time, you get through it and sort of get used to it.

  2. Sounds like a time management issue. Quit your job and become a professional runner! LOL

  3. Running 5 miles in the rain while sick? That's crazy, man. Also, I cannot keep up with the daily blogging. Not going to lie.

    1. No problem. I don't expect everyone to keep up. I try on the blogs I read and I can't do it.

  4. Best time to get sick, on your cut back week (that is if you have to be sick.)

    So hope you are all better now and ready to train hard again.

    I sometimes do 8.5 before work (but that is km not miles) That said I have time to train in the afternoon.