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Mar 11, 2012

Desi sighting? and awesome run!!!

Today I had a 17 miler on the schedule today.  I have to admit that in past training cycles for marathons, the 17, 18 mile range seemed to be pretty tough.  Not so today.  I had a great run.  In fact, it barely felt like I ran today.  Like I just did a 5 mile run.  I don't get these kinds of runs too often but I'll take them when I can.  I even ran the last mile in 8:29.  I think the main reason I felt so good was that we kept the pace average at about 9:30/mile.  Really a very relaxing pace to keep us feeling good.  It was a bonus that the temps were in the 40's to start and in the 50's to end along with sunny skies.  It was gorgeous at Stony Creek today.

We also saw the Hanson's runner's out there running this morning at Stony Creek.  I can't say with 100% certainty but I think Desi Davila was out there with them this morning(90% sure it was her).  I've never seen her out there before.  If you read this Desi, let me know if it was you?  Haha!  They passed us like we were standing still.  Ha!  Of course, I would have loved an autograph but then how do you do that?  That's like asking a basketball player for an autograph right in the middle of the game.  Anyway, they flew past us and didn't see them again and that was at about mile 1.  I'm still amazed by how fast they are.
Last night my son and I went to a basketball game.  Here's a picture of the inside of the palace.  Had a great time with him at the game.  We got to go down on the floor and he got to high five all the players as they came out of the tunnel.  It was a great experience for him.  Unfortunately, our seats were way up high but it was still lots of fun.
From our seats
From the floor
Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. They do make it seem effortless, don't they?? Great job on your run!! I'll be out in MI at the end of March and am hoping for similar weather and a good run at Stony Creek.

  2. how cool is that? That would be really neat to see the elite's on a run! I only saw about 15 deer today!

  3. I would die if I saw Desi! I have a total runner crush on her. LOL.

    Great job on your long run!

  4. How cool is that!?! I had a similar long run that felt great... just posted on it today as well!

  5. Looks like you had fun with your son! Great job on the 17 miles! You rock.