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Mar 25, 2012

Left out?

13 miles on the schedule today....done!  I did 13.1(of course) at Stony Creek alone.  Had a really nice run there with an out and back to start things off and then a loop around the lake.  Here's the run - did my splits a little faster today with an average of 8:34 per mile.  I had to throw in a couple side runs to get to 13.1 at the end.  It was very nice weather for running but cooler than this past week.  I'm not complaining and will take this for sure in March!
Stony Creek Metropark

So today Stony was relatively scarce of people.  I am assuming that many of the runners were doing a race.  Last year I did the Rock CF half marathon down in Grosse Ile.  It was today as well.  Actually much better weather today than last year so I'm sure people had a great time.  Of course, I felt a little left out not being there - it really is a great run on the Island.  I could have gone there this morning and just signed up but I really ended up not going because it's not around the corner from my home and it starts pretty early(7:30am).

The other thing is that I really like to sign up for races when they are at their lowest price.  Yes, when you sign up at that time, you hope you will not be hurt or sick or the weather is bad but you get a lower price.  In this case, $25 lower if you signed up right away versus going to the race on race day.  That's another 5/10k race I could do!  This is how my mind thinks.  Haha!

So do you feel like you are missing something when you don't race a particular race the following year?  Personally, I like to change up the races so I have not run that many in a row.  Some I have really like(like the Crim 10 that I'm missing this year) and some not so much.  The Solstice Run 10 mile this year in June will be my third time running this race and THE only race I have run three years in a row and since they have started it(the 10 mile that is).  It's a great race and challenging course(not TOO challenging) as well.

I posted a new Photo on Detroit Runner Photography as well!  Enjoy!

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Yes, I get major runner envy when I miss certain races but the racing entry fees and the need for leg recovery time means it just has to happen.

  2. I had a little runners remorse the year after I did Bayshore, but it wore off. I love running at Stoney. I live up in Lake Orion, so its a quick drive. Beautiful day for a run!

  3. It was a great race today, filled with bloggers! You still got 13.1 miles in today and spent less money than all of us, but I have to day that I LOVE this race and it will probably be my every year race, like your Solstice.