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Mar 4, 2012


13 miles on the schedule today.  We decided to take our run over to Paint Creek Trail.  It amazing we can even run here given it usually has too much snow to run on it.  Overall I felt pretty good today compared to Friday's struggle.  There was several large trees down blocking the trail and tons of branches.  I guess the high winds yesterday really blew things around.

I saw this on someone's Facebook page and thought it was really cool.  What's the chances?  What do you think?


The rest of this post is not related to running.  I need some advice from some of you photographers.  I've been thinking of investing in a Digital SLR camera and have been researching them.  I'm pretty sure I want to go with a Nikon D5100 but there are other Nikon's that are good and also lots of Canon cameras that are also good.  Costco has a great deal on the nikon right now which includes an extra zoom lense, a camera bag, memory card and other accessories for $999.  A lot of money to invest in a camera but it also gets you lots of stuff with it too.
Nikon D5100

What do any of you use?  Anyone have a DSLR out there?  I'd use it for the blog but I'm also planning on taking some photography courses with my daughter so we can both learn how to take better pictures.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. DSLRs are great and give you a lot more control. I primarily use Canon but have used Nikon as well and they're both good. I know more about Canon since that's what I've always owned personally. I use the 40D & 50D right now and they're great. If you're looking for cheaper, the Rebel should be good too. Someone just told me about the site the other day. It's a good way to take 2 models and compare them. I'd definitely recommend that. Any questions, I can try to help!

  2. I love my Nikon DSLR. For my blog I primarily use a point and click camera because the DSLR is too big to take on runs. The Canon Rebel is good, but I prefer Nikon. It comes down to preference.

  3. It does completely come down to preferences and feel. Greg Sadler, of Sadler Shots, is Nikon all the way. Meredith from "This Runner's World" (who I have known over 20 years now, yikes!), uses Canon's for her photo booth business. We bought a Canon from costco, and have been happy with it. Also, the bags you get from Costco aren't exactly the smallest and most stylish bags out there. We have NEVER used the bag that came with our camera, and bought a more out-doorsy style bag that fit "us" better from REI, so we took the bags out of the equation when comparing.

  4. I use a Canon 60d and love it, but I have found it comes down to the lenses, and what you want to photograph. I rarely use my zoom lens, but I use my 50mm and my macro lens constantly, so when considering the accessories that come with the camera consider if you are really going to use them. Between Canon and Nikon, it comes down to preference.

  5. Okay... Really tough to choose a camera brand among Nikon and Canon! Both are serving really good performance over the world. But I'm using a Nikon camera bit long. Very good quality camera to take better pictures! Thanks

  6. I will hopefully sometime soon (this year!) be shooting with the Canon 5D Mark II!! Check out this review of the Mark III though: as there are good thoughts regarding other DSLR's

    1. Ha Jenn - I read this from one of your posts. Great camera but just a wee bit out of my price range.