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Mar 28, 2012

Drymax Sock review

5 on the schedule today....done!  Much nicer today than yesterday.


Drymax was awesome enough to send me a couple pairs of their running socks.  They sent me two pairs, one pair is their Running Lite-Mesh sock and the other pair is for Cold weather running.

Drymax brand is the #1 sock to keep feet dry especially compared to Polyester, Acrylic and wool.  Take a look.
Professional packaging 
Great feel and quality
Longer for cold weather
See?  No issues with length; really comfortable too!
According to Drymax(and I personally agree), for a runner, moisture is the feet's worst enemy.  I have to tell you I should know.  I hate running in the rain and sloshy snow but I do it time and again and it can really tear up your feet.  Also, while not as bad(for me at least) is sweaty feet.  You just feel so much more comfortable if your feet are dry.

"Moisture won't stick to the inner layer of Drymax fibers because they are Super Hydrophobic(moisture hating)"  That sounds great to me.  It's like having a tech shirt on your feet.

There are a number of things that make the Drymax socks comfortable including:  A flat toe seam, a vented arch band, breathable mesh, a smooth top, a Y heel to improve fit and dual layers in parts of the sock.  One thing that did surprise me was the type of sock they sent being a "No show" height.  Of course, I did not specify a type as I was happy to review what was sent.  Basically, you can just see the top of the sock outside of the shoe.  Normally, I wear a 1/4 height sock because I like the sock up a little to ensure my skin does not hit my shoes.

I thought to myself, "I have the socks, I need to try them"  Oh my gosh, these things were great.  Ok, not just the lower height, which was no problem at all, but the feel of these things are great.  The first run I did with them, I could barely tell I had socks on and my feet stayed nice and dry and cool.  Fortunately, we had about 10 days where it got nice and warm out so I was able put these to a full test. These also work great with "barefoot" type shoes.  Due to the short length, you don't looks so dorky wearing socks.  I'm not one to run without socks, even in shoes designed to be worn without socks, so these will be a perfect fit when I run with these shoes, especially as I start to hit the trails more.

In regards to the cold weather socks, as you can see, they are much taller.  On me, they go up to about my calf.  Personally when I tried them on, I thought they might be too tall.  There was no issues being that long.  In fact, they actually helped keep your leg warm as I was running.

I also think these would be great for any other winter sports to help keep your feet dry and warm.  There is certainly a different feel to these than the wool socks I am used to running with in the winter.  First off, they are much more comfortable than wool.  My feet almost felt massaged after my run.  Secondly, they keep your feet warmer - even warmer than wool.  I suspect that is because there is no moisture building up around my foot in these but there is on the wool socks.

For me personally, if my hands or feet are cold, then it's hard for me to have a good run so these will be a staple in my running wardrobe during the cold times.  Without good socks, I probably would not run outside in winter at all.  Unfortunately, we are back to coldness in Michigan.  My run yesterday morning was in the mid 20's---- Brrrr!!!!

My conclusion?  I will certainly be picking up some more Drymax socks in the future although my personal preference is to get the ones that are a little longer for summer running.  Check them out.  I believe you will be very happy with the quality and performance of the socks.

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* Note:  I received two pair of Drymax socks in exchange for a review.  I was not required to give a positive review and all opinions are my own.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Looks like great socks!!! I've never tried them. I like longer socks for winter but short ones for summer so my running tan isn't quite as bad :)

  2. Nice review. I may have to try a pair!

  3. I have those socks! They're fantastic! They're the first socks I've ever worn that don't give me blisters!

  4. I have them as well, and love them. I have 6 pairs of the "thin" ( and 6 pairs of the "light and quick" ( Also love the Wright Sock Cool Mesh II low quarter cut (, but I only have 2 pair of those.