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Nov 18, 2011

Top 10 reasons to keep running in winter...

5 miles on the schedule today.....done but it's crazy cold out there today in the 20's!!!!  Wool socks and mittens helped out today!


Blog Post product update.  A representative at Somnio sent me an e-mail showing an updated website for their Nada shoes.  There are many more styles/colors than I originally posted about and they look much nicer.  Same good quality, just look better.  You can click HERE to see the site.  Click HERE if you would like to see my review.


Top 10 reasons to keep running in the winter:

10.  You get to wear sweet running clothes you have not worn for 8 months
That's a lot of crap!
9.  You get to see Christmas lights(Seriously, I saw some today - haha!)
That's how I looked when I saw them.
8.  You get to run in complete darkness in the morning(not that is different for me though)

7.  It's fun to run through snow(sometimes!)
Hey - I said sometimes!
6.  It doesn't rain when it's this cold
It snows!
5.  If you live in Michigan, you get to see Ken running/coaching again for TNT!!!
Go team!
4.  Christmas music on your ipod(Ok, not yet but coming soon)

3.  You get to come home to piping hot coffee/hot chocolate
2.  You'll be ready for a spring half marathon or full marathon
This will likely be my first half in 2012!
1. You'll feel like a a bad ass running in such cold weather!
I said feel, not look!

Question of the day:  Why do you run in winter?

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. I run in winter because it's only 50 degrees out!

  2. You mean keep moving in the winter........ HA

  3. The naked snow run is hilarious - I would totally run a naked 5K ... but not in the snow. Snow-thanks!

  4. I love "feeling" like that bad ass running in 20 degrees or in the snow. :)

  5. Love the top 10. So true. I love putting some Christmas music on my mp3 player. Coming home to some hot tea is wonderful. We had some snow this week in Cadillac and I got to practice my snow running skills.

  6. Great way to stay motivated in the cold. Thanks for this! Love the naked runners. It's funny because I ran my most miles this year in January. I don't get people that don't run at all in the winter...its like starting from square one in the spring...

  7. Great points! I do love the looks when I'm running in the cold and feel like a bad-ass. And sometimes I run routes just for the christmas lights. And yes, putting on that old warm gear makes things seem like new again. Great post with some cool pics.

  8. Everything about this post just made me laugh! Love it! But then again, I also love the fact that it never gets cold in LA :)