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Nov 3, 2011

A second win?

3 miles on the schedule today.....done!


In 3 days, I'm hoping this guy wins the NYC marathon again.
Ah.....yeah.....not me, by the way.(or the Hanson runner hanging on the wall)

Question of the day?  Will you be watching the NYC marathon?

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!!


  1. I'll watch! Meb winning would be cool, he seems like a pretty good guy.

  2. absolutely watching! I've been giddy thinking about it all week. Being that I live 15 mins outside of the big apple - this race really gets me fired up, every year. Someday I have plans of running it!!

  3. I am such a downer. I had not planned on watching the NYC Marathon. Thankfully our "Lounge" at home has two TVs so one for football and one for NYC!

  4. I'll definitely be watching and/or following along via the NYC Marathon app, depending on if I'm near a computer or need to rely on using my phone.