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Nov 26, 2011

Tarma Designs runner jewelry review

Cross train day on the schedule today but I did 8 miles instead.  I'll be doing my cross training tomorrow instead.


Well, I know that all you ladies really enjoy your jewelry and if you also happen to be a runner too,  Tarma Designs will make you very happy.    Guys too!

Sky over at Tarma Designs sent me one of their pieces of runner jewelry to review.  He send me a running man pendant on a 26" ball chain.  One thing I can say is that it's very difficult to find jewelry for men(at least that I would wear) and also find it in a running theme.  Tarma Designs is your answer!

Tarma Designs is a maker of earth friendly jewelry.  This was made from "at least" 60% recycled steel.  The finish is a durable black vacuum plate finish over sand blast.  You can cut the chain to the size you want.  I left mine just the way it is.  This would make a fantastic gift for a runner as it's so unique.

Here's a couple pictures:

The design of the runner has amazing detail given the size of this which is about the size of a dime.  I don't even know how they get their name on the pendant.  It's really a very classic look and something that any runner that is a man would certainly feel comfortable wearing on a regular basis.  I personally can say that I only wear my wedding band and that's about it so it's really saying a lot that I will be wearing this on a regular basis to show off my passion.

The packaging is also made from recycled paper and also the shipping container it's sent in is recycled paper.  As you all know, I really like to see when a company does what it can to help keep the environment clean and Tarma Designs certainly does not disappoint.

Tarma Designs has numerous products to choose from including nice charms to cycling pendants, running pendants to yoga and soccer pendants.  In addition, they sell rings, earrings, necklaces and paintings.

They even make some jewelry that helps support the Appalachian National Scenic Trail(also known as the Appalachian Trail)!  Now that would be a fun run 2,175 miles - Check it out:

Tarma is actually a Peruvian town in the Andes mountains located at 10,000 feet.  The town is known for it's textile and leather industries and it's flower trade.  What a great name for a company!

Please go check them out to learn more and see their awesome jewelry.  They have some incredible and very reasonably priced jewelry for the active person(especially for women):

Website:  Click HERE

Facebook:  Click HERE

Thanks again to Sky and Tarma Designs for allowing me to do this review!  I'll be spreading the word about their very classy runner jewelry.

* I received a complementary Running Man Pendant in exchange for a review of the jewelry.  I was not required to give a positive review.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

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