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Nov 12, 2011

10 facts about Detroit you should know...

Cross Training on the schedule today....finally...I actually did cross training.  I did weights today and also 5 miles on the bike.  I know the bike distance isn't much but it's better than not doing anything which is what I have been doing on cross training day.
For any of you that have considered visiting Detroit perhaps to run the marathon, here is a list of 10 Detroit Facts you should know:

1. First City to pave a concrete road - kinda makes sense huh?
2. Home to the ice cream soda - Vernor's.
3. We supplied 75% of liquor during Prohibition - I guess we like to party?
4. First ever new Radio Broadcast
5. The only floating post office in the USA
6. Largest island park within a City - Belle Isle(you get to run on it if you do the marathon)
7. Only City which one can look South to Canada
8. Great sale mines lie beneath Detroit - I'd like to see these!
9. Birthplace of Techno
10. Sports capital of the midwest - really - we are sports freaks!

Check out the complete article with all the details HERE.

Question of the day:  What's an interesting fact about your City?

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Are your knees bothering you? I see the bands on both.....

  2. My parents moved to North Carolina a couple years ago. Whenever we go down there or they visit us, the fridge has to be stocked with Vernors and the cupboard needs to have Better Made chips.

  3. Birthplace of techno? That's awesome and kind of hilarious.

    I don't really know many fun facts about my town. I guess on is that I've seen Christopher Meloni (detective Stabler from Law and Order) at the grocery store a couple of times.

  4. Ya know one of the things I love about you Jeff, is you're probably D-town's biggest ambassador! I remember one time on my blog comments, someone made a disparaging remark about Detroit and I could tell it wasn't cool with you. I love that! I'm very proud of KC too. I think it's very important to be proud of where you're from! Here's to Detroit!!! (except when they play the Royals) Have a good weekend!

  5. Ken - I run with no pain but they seem to keep my IT Band in check. Just a comfort measure I guess.

    Jess - I have been to the Better made factory and eaten chips off the line when they were still warm - awesome!

    Jim - I try to be a good ambassador. Also, Detroit played well this year. Royals.....maybe a little more work. Of course, while Lions have done better this year, they have typically been a disappointment.

  6. Although it isn't just Detroit...but Michigan is now the home of the nation's best state park system! :)

  7. Erika - I can truly see that. We have some awesome parks!

  8. Shouldn't the "Sports Capital of the Midwest" have at least one Super Bowl appearance? Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, Minnesota, Indianapolis, Green Bay have all been. Just sayin'...