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Nov 7, 2011

Do as I say not as I do....

Rest day today.....


So what is the lesson for all the soon to be marathoner's who watched the NYC Marathon yesterday?

Rule #1:  Don't go out too fast or you will burn up all your energy and have nothing at the end.

Personally I think that Mary Keitany had it in her to win but why in the world did she go out so fast so soon?  I think this was a hard way to learn a lesson she should have known a long time ago.

I'm also happy for Geoffrey Mutai for a win and a new course record.  It also helps confirm that tailwinds are not the only reason he won Boston.

My man, Meb, was the first American - 6th place and a PR.  Congrats!

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!!


  1. It was so sad to see her lose it so close to the end. Argh!

  2. That race was so exciting! I need to stop watching it, though, because it just makes me jealous and want to run it myself!

  3. That's why it's called a race! I love when they crash and burn!

  4. Going out too fast was definitely the story of the day for her but you've gotta love the heart of probably knowing better and going for it anyway.

  5. Go Meb. He always seems to make himself available to the public.