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Jul 5, 2011

An awesome giveaway!!!!

3 miles on the schedule today; ended up doing a little more than 3 miles.  Felt good.


Today's post is dedicated to Elektroplate located at !  Why you ask?  Because they have some awesome products, that's why!  First, let me tell you a little about what I purchased from them.  Here's a picture of what I bought:

Elektroplate sells the 26.2 and the 13.1 Chrome Emblem's on their website, among other things such as sports team logo's, military, fire, religious logos for your car and hitch covers too.  They even have other racing distances if you are a triathlete too!

I was really looking for something more than just a running sticker or car magnet.  I searched and searched and found their website.  The Emblem's are very nice and make your car look even nicer!!!  According to their website, they are "the Classy Alternative to Bumper Stickers"  I couldn't agree more.  They are really a quality product.

The product is attached with a special automotive adhesive foam tape that does a few things:

1) Lasts as long as you own your car
2) Is not effected by weather or car washes(a little wax helps protect it too)
3) Is paint safe and can be safely removed at any time!  Not that I'll ever take mine off.

They are also guaranteed not to chip, fade, or fall off and they are made in the USA as an extra bonus.  I love the size of these as well.  They are not as large as stickers but can be seen quite well.  You can see from the picture above the size.  They are 3.65" x 2.65".  I personally like them right next to my license plate since they show up nicely at night too but you can really put them anywhere on your car.

They retail for only $18 including free shipping.  Not bad for something that is going to last!

Morgan over at Elektroplate was nice enough to give me two of these fine Chrome plates to give away.  Take a look at what you would be receiving if you win.  For the ladies(or gentlemen), there's a pink 26.2 emblem.  Nice touch, huh?

For the gentlemen(or ladies as well), a nice 26.2 emblem like the one I have:

Now keep in mind that I purchased my emblems for my car myself.  They were worth every penny so I would be endorsing this product regardless if they gave these two away to me or not but it was great of them to offer these to me to give away.

For those of you that do not win, I hope that you will go to their website and purchase from them.  They are a unique product that you will be very happy you purchased for yourself or as a gift for the runner in your life.

* According to FTC regulations, I disclose that I was given this product to review and give away to my readers.  The review above is my own opinion and I was not influenced by receiving this product from the company.

Now for the rules of the contest(USA residents only):

1) Mandatory:  You must be a follower of my website and leave a comment here.
2) Extra entry:  Link this post on your blog(post or sidebar) or Facebook and leave a comment here.
3) Extra entry:  Follow Detroit Runner on Facebook(see bottom of this blog)
3) 2 Extra entries:  Tell someone that is not currently a follower about my blog, have them follow and leave a comment here after that you sent them.  I will give each of you two extra entries(I want some more followers!)

Please post each entry as a separate comment.

I'm also asking for the winners to do a post about your winning and review the product yourself once you get it if you have a blog.  We should get the word out for this awesome product.  I'll pick the winners at random on Saturday, July 23rd.  Good luck!!!

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Hmmm... maybe if I win this, I'll HAVE TO register for a full marathon next year. I wouldn't want to be a liar! ;)

    Nah, count me out--I think it should go to someone who has earned it!

  2. Those look awesome!!!

    I'm a follower of your blog!!!

  3. I posted on my FB page at "Run with Jess"

  4. I'm a follower of your blog an leaving a comment. Cool product! I will be needing a 26.2 this fall so perfect timing.

  5. I follow you and have been looking for a quality product like this for my new car!

  6. Okay that is super cool. This would be awesome for my first marathon that I am running in September! The pink is awesome!!!

  7. New Follower here - but have enjoyed what I have read today!

  8. I have followed you on Facebook as well!
    Though, If i win - i have to wait until after the Marine Corps Marathon to put it on my car!

  9. Hey just wanted to tell you I ended up buying one of their products an only because I heard of them of your blog! A friend is also buying one :-) woot woot