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Jul 24, 2011

Review of Auria Exceed sport headphones...

9 miles on the schedule today.  We(T and I) started at 7am at Stony Creek today.  I ended up doing 10 while T had to do 5 more since his next marathon is a few weeks before mine.  We did hills today running up to the nature center and back.  Hot!!!  Those hills did not seem that big last year?  Yikes!


The people over at Auria sent me their Exceed Sport Headphones for me to do a review of the headphones.  I was happy to do this review because I'm still looking for a good  pair of headphones.  These headphones are specifically made for sport(running/biking/working out, etc) as you can see by the cover of the package.  (Although I would not recommend anyone wear headphones when on a bike for safety purposes)

As many of you know, I run with music always when training but never at races.  I have gone through so many Apple ipod headphones over the last two years, I have lost track as to how many I have replaced.  Coincidentally, the ipod headphones went out again this weekend too!  It was REALLY nice to try something new.  These headphones are compatible with all mp3 players/ipods/iphones.  It's clear that these are made quite well.  The actual earbuds take a little getting used to but once you are used to them, you don't even know they are there.  They are put in your ears but they don't go into your ear canal.  This way, when you are running, you can still hear the music very nicely but you also can hear all the sounds around you so it keeps you much safer when working out.  This is especially important for me since I workout at 5am and it's still dark outside when I start.

The headphones also come with an in-line adjustment to change songs and change the volume.  Because I have an old ipod(with no buttons) that has in-line headphone controls, these are not 100% compatible with these headphones.  Actually, they work with my ipod but they will not change the songs but will change the volume.  According to their website, you can purchase a "iLuv Adapter" which will likely work with my ipod but really I'd rather just get a new ipod.  I have an old style of ipod shuffle(which I hate by the way) that you cannot normally find fully compatible headphones for it(except Apple's) except now.  This is the only headphone company I know that has this sort of adapter for my ipod.

In addition to the headphones, these come with three additional silicone earpieces to fit in different size ears as can be seen in the picture below.

As can be seen below, the headphones are very easy to put on.  Point, insert and rotate.  And guess what?  They stay put.  I have been running with these all week including my long run and they don't fall out.  I can also talk with my running buddy and still listen to the music too.

The only reason I say that they take some getting used to is that they are so light.  Also, when you put them in your ear, they don't feel like they are in your ear, so it feels like they are going to fall out but they never do!  It's nice to run with headphones that you don't have to shove into your ear but will still stay on.

Would I recommend these?  Absolutely.  They are made well, sweat proof, easy to fit, sound great and are inexpensive but most of all, they stay in your ear and don't move which, for me, is the most important part of the headphones.  So if you are looking for a new set of headphones, try them out!

To learn more about these headphones and other great products they sell, go to Auria's website(Click HERE)

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!!!

Disclaimer:  I was sent one free pair of Auria's exceed headphones and promised an additional pair in exchange for a review/testing of these headphones.  All opinions on this review are my own and "free" anything is not going to have me give a good review of something that I would not use/endorse myself.


  1. I really love mine, too! The only problem with them is that sometimes when I take them out my ears, the blue things come out. I ended up losing one of them.

  2. I really love mine too! I won them through SUAR and I wore them for my 10 miler race. I do still have an issue with cords but that's my own goofiness. They never fell out though!

  3. Wow, great article, I really appreciate your thought process and having it explained properly, thank you!
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  4. I will tell you the experience I had with Auria. I worked for the owner of Auria & he is cheap. He paid me with headphones. I was surprised he was the owner because he is not people friendly. I would pull customers to his booth & he would ignore them. How can you treat people this way??? I made him a lot of money & no commission for any sales I made for him & then he didn't want to give me any money for the hours I worked.
    There were customers who wanted their money back & he would ignore their emails & ignore them. The headphones are not that great. The chord is too long. His name is Dave. I would never work for him again and beware!