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Jul 18, 2011

Shoes, shoes and more shoes....

Cross training today.  12 mile ride outside at Stony Creek today.  It was hot; 77 degrees and humid.  Lots of bugs too.  This was my first time doing the bike before work.  I had to wait for them to open the park at 5:45am to get in but it sure beats using the exercise bike inside.


Just a reminder that my contest for the 26.2 emblems will be over on July 23 so if you have not signed up yet, please click HERE and sign up.  These things are sweet looking on your car!  Thanks again to Elektroplate for sponsoring these awesome giveaways!


Yesterday, I ordered my wife her first pair of real running shoes!  When I say real, I mean because she got some shoes without just getting what was on sale(even though these were)  It's funny because she liked the Saucony Ride 3's and I wear the Ride 2's(but will need 3's or 4's soon)  She still just walks most of the time but does a little running here and there between the walking.  She needed them badly!  Her feet were starting to bleed at the back of her heal due to worn out shoes.  Jeez!  I've been telling her for weeks to get a new pair of shoes.

Here's what she got:

Even I like them(if they weren't pink)

I also have a couple things that are coming up that are exciting for me to share on the blog including a review of a pair of headphones courtesy of Auria and perhaps a giveaway(will post a review in the next week or so).

I will also be doing a review of a pair of shoes courtesy of I will post the review in mid August sometime after I've had a chance to really test them out)  I won't mention the brand or style just yet but so far I love the look and feel of them!

I also won a new pair of minimal shoes over at Barefoot Angie Bee's blog last week.  You can check her out HERE.  She's also doing an iFitness belt giveaway now so this is the time to check her blog out.  If you want to know anything about barefoot running, she is the person to ask!  I, on the other hand, am not the person to ask!  Haha!

The shoes I won are the Somnia Nada's which are a barefoot type shoe.  I can't wait to get my hands on these to try them out.  I've been interested in trying out minimalist/barefoot type shoes for some time.  Here's what they look like:

You can also check out their website HERE.  I'll likely do an in depth review(from a novice in the barefoot running category) after I get them and try them for a few weeks.  I'm looking forward to trying these with a very slow build up on them.


One final thing.  I've added a counter on my blog for my next marathon, the Detroit Marathon.  I still have not committed to the full marathon yet(and don't have to until the end of September) but this is one more push to remind me to commit to the full instead of the half.  Only 90 days to go!!! Holy cow!!  One thing I can say is that it is much easier to train in Winter than Summer.  It's just too damn hot out!

Question of the day:  Got any new shoes lately?  What did you get?

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!!


  1. Both your shoes and your wife's are pretty snazzy! I love minimalist shoes now. I have the New Balance Minimus and love love love them. They've helped so much with my form and I used to have problems with runner's knee. Since using them, I haven't had any issues! Hopefully you like them too. So crazy it's only 90 days until freep (I'll be doing the half). I'm looking at Martian being my first full in april 2012 for the reason you just said....I would much rather train in winter for one than summer.

  2. I ordered new shoes from my running store and they called me the day I left for vacation to tell me they were I have to wait another week to get them. Oh well.

    That's awesome that you got your wife real running shoes! Is she going to start going for runs with you?

  3. I love those Saucony's! How cute! :0) Yay for a bike ride through the park!

  4. holy crap! less than 90 days until the freep! i'm getting excited but know i will be nervous once it gets closer :)

    i say go for the full - you know you can do it!

  5. I did get a pair of new shoes lately and I love them. I got the New Balance 890s.

  6. 5:45 AM, I was just sipping on my first cup of coffee! Today is a cross-training day for me thank God... It's HOT!

  7. I love your new shoes!! They look really cool!! I just customized a new pair of Nike Free +2 that I should get in the next few weeks. I really can't wait. I LOVE loud colored shoes and gear so these babies will be sweet!!

  8. Just wait until you get a bug stuck in your bike helmet!! LOL

    I just scored some Brooks Racer ST-5's-very loud and fast feeling. I call them the 'blue flames'!

  9. I will not venture into the barefoot shoe realm, but my husband has been doing lots of research on it. He wants a pair of Vibrams. Yeah, let us know how the minimalist shoes work, as you build up.

    I love your wife's shoes. I have to stick with some sturdy, solid shoes because my feet are unbelievably flat.

  10. Hi! I am new to your blog!

    Go for the full at Detroit! Great course, flat pretty much the whole way and *usually* cooler weather! But I see your point about a spring one for training reasons., it sucks out there right now!!

    No new shoes for me yet but I love my Asics racing flats and regular shoes too (I forget the name! )

  11. Meg - I'm thinking about doing the half for the Martian next year too.

    Rose - easy. I need to build up those miles first.

    Christi - I like the look of those. Hope you like them.

    Ken - Yes, it was empty. I was the first one in the parking lot. Haha!

    Mallory - I can't wait to see them!

    Adrienne - the brooks look sweet too!

    Megan - of course, I will share.

    Erika - welcome!!!

  12. Great blog, Jeff! I'm new here, and look forward to catching up on your older posts.

    My newest shoes are Brooks Green Silence; I got them about a month ago and love them so far. My normal trainers are the Brooks Ghost 3, but I might try the Launch when I'm due for a new pair as long as they're similar in width to the Ghost 3.

    It's great (and very smart) that you got out to Stony Creek so early. I need to start getting out there more often. I ran the loop last Thursday, but didn't head out there until the afternoon...needless to say, the sun was very unforgiving.