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Jul 7, 2011

I've learned a few things....

3 miles on the schedule today; done!  Cooler out this morning; great day for a run!


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Here are a few of the things that I learned from attending(as a spectator) my first triathlon.

1.  Bring extra towels; you will be wet and want to get your feet dry for biking/running.
2.  Bring a towel or milk crate to sit on so you're not all dirty the rest of the tri.  It was dirt where the transition was at this race but my guess is some/most are concrete.
3.  Take your time to put on all your gear at the transition area and then run your bike to the starting point.  I saw too many people fumbling with their stuff while running to the start and trying to carry their bike too.  It just slowed them down more.
4.  Remember to bring sunglasses and swim goggles.  I don't run with them but I do bike/swim with them.
5.  Don't worry about what kind of bike/equipment you have(at least not for races up to the half ironman).  I saw everything from a $5,000 tri bike(who happened to be the winner) to a "Wizard of Oz" witch bike (seriously!)  What I have will get me through the bike route no problem.
6.  Brink your own water.  The race I went to did have someone handing out water but the volunteer was not there always so many people went on a 3.1 or 6.2 mile run with no water at all.  Yikes!  I'm sure that's not for every race.
7.  Get a wetsuit.  The water was cold even though it was warm outside.  Still deciding on this one.  Rent or buy?  Buy new or used?
8.  Don't do the entire tri in your speedo!  Seriously, I saw someone do that.  No thanks!  Don't be that guy.  Haha!
9.  As a spectator, remember to say something encouraging to the athletes.  So many people just stood there and watched them pass.  Really? I hate that when I'm running in a race.
10.  And the last thing I learned - I'm still freaked out about the swim!!!

I'm actually really glad that I went and just watched everyone because I was able to soak up more information instead of worrying about what I was doing.

Question of the day?  What tips do you have for running races or triathlons?

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!!


  1. My wife does triathlons and depending on where you live/compete, the wet suit "rent" or "buy" question is a tough one. Down here in Texas, the water is normally warm enough to where they do not allow wet suits.

  2. I so completely agree about cheering athletes on, I hate when people just stand there and look at either me or the people who are races like they are crazy. I just don't understand it, I lose my voice every time I go to a race those people are poring their hearts into that race!

    My advice for a triathlon is first practice your transitions, make a plan for what works for you and try to stick to it. Also be prepared for at least one thing to go wrong (goggles flooding, dropping a water bottle, etc) and just roll with it.

    Can't wait to hear about your first tri, I bet you'll love it and be hooked!

  3. Make sure the towel you bring stands out so you can find your things in transition easier.

    Use Pam cooking spray to help you get your wetsuit on and off easier.

    And I must agree with you on the Speedo one. Don't be that guy!

  4. Ha I TOTALLY agree with the whole speedo thing... no thanks!!! I have a wetsuit that I use for surfing... I don't think I could use someone else's wetsuit... I rented one when I went snorkeling in Key West and it felt gross. But guys rent tuxedos so maybe y'all are okay with that.

    P.S. Pick me for the chrome thing! My car is blue and that baby pink would make it look so sweet and I promise not to put it on until after my marathon in October. :)

  5. Jeez such a good idea to go and spectate one before you do it!

    I would have never thought of that 8)

  6. That was very smart of you, Jeff! I commend you for having the guts to go for the tri--good luck!

  7. That interesting - you noticed almost all of the same things I've observed when I watch my wife's triathlons. I really admire not only their dedication to the diverse training, but "how involved" they have to be on race day with all the coordination.