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Jul 28, 2011

The deadly treadmill.....

As you know, I hate the treadmill.  I got up today at 4am to get out there because I wanted to do my long run today since I have some things going on - a race and family get together.  The plan was to do 14 miles - 14 miles! Before work!  Yikes.
14 on this?
Unfortunately I got up and it was raining, thunder and lightning outside.  Crap.  Do I dare use the treadmill?  My last treadmill run was on March 24th and I hated to break that streak.  I had no choice.  I got on and did the the run - all 14 miles of it.  That's a record for me on the mill.  The most I have ever done is 8 miles and that was painful enough.  I actually watched the entire move, Forrest Gump!  Haha!

The other thing I found out was that my treadmill shuts down went it hits 100 minutes.  I guess they think nobody is stupid enough to run that long on a treadmill.  It stopped automatically on me so I had to turn it off and back on again to reset the clock.

The other issue is that it was really hot.  So hot I had to use a towel to keep all the sweat from getting all over.  So hot that at about mile 7 my foot felt like it was going to burst.  I had to stop and put some bodyglide on my foot again.

The final issue is that the Directv was out since it was raining so hard so that is why I resorted to a movie.

Here's to hoping I never have to do that ever again - ever!!!

What your longest treadmill run?

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!!


  1. My longest run in the last 10 years is 2km....

  2. EW!!!!!!! I think I might have opted for the running in the thunder and rain!

    My longest is 8 miles, and it felt like a punishment for some horrid crime! 14??? Your crazy.

  3. The longest I've done and probably have to stick to now is 12 miles. That's actually pretty long with the treadmill (time wise!) Ours shuts at 60 minutes. So remember all of my long runs for the half I had a break every hour to reset. Our old treadmill stopped at 120 minutes. lol

  4. Way to get your run done!! I always take a towel with me when I run on my treadmill. It is a necessary item! Mine shuts down at 99 or 100 mins as well, so I plan accordingly. I've done a couple of 13 milers on mine, if memory serves me right.

  5. There's a reason it shuts off after 100 minutes! LOL........

  6. Yuck! That is a long time on a treadmill but congrats for "gittin' er done!"

  7. My longest treadmill run was 2o miles. I always feel SO MUCH WARMER on the treadmill and each mile seems to take so much longer, but then I am grateful to have it in the winter when we are covered in snow and ice. Good job on your run!

  8. Wow! You are so dedicated. There is NO WAY I could run that long on a treadmill.

  9. Too funny - I actually did 10 on the treadmill this morning and I think it was my longest on that horrible contraption yet. I had bad morning TV reruns to keep me company - oy. And mine resets after 60 minutes! Annoying.

    But great job finishing all 14 - you are awesome!

  10. my longest TM run = 16 miles. eeeeek! NICE on your 14, it can be brutal.

    hey, i just signed up for the detroit freepress half marathon. i'm pacing a friend of mine who lives in windsor. it will be her first half. are you going to be doing the race at all this year? if so we'll have to make sure to say 'hey' at the expo or racee :)

  11. well i'm stupid, disregard my last comment. i just nosed around and found that you ARE in fact running freepress. yay.

  12. Coach dion - Do you run in lightning then?

    Ken - yes, for stupid people who should not go longer. Haha!

    Supermom - that's crazy! I would die.

    Fair weather - yikes 16! I am signed up for the half marathon right now but I'm going to see how training goes. I'm hoping to change over to the full. Yes, we will need to try and get a picture! I'm sure I'll be at the expo Saturday morning. We can e-mail as it gets closer. That's awesome you are pacing a friend. What pace?

  13. Wow, that is AMAZING. I've never done more than 14 on a treadmill either. It is mind numbing for sure - and a pain in the butt because of the shutoff.

    But come on, wasn't it cool to tell your coworkers that you ran over a half marathon in the morning?!

  14. Adam - very mind numbing. Didn't share with co-workers. They would be half marathon, huh?

  15. Holy shit, 14 MILES on the dreadmill?! The most I've ever been able to endure on that stupid machine is 5 miles. And that was ONCE. How did you keep from losing your mind--did you watch TV or something?

    My treadmill has preset races on it, and it goes up to a full marathon. When I saw that, I thought, "Who on earth would run a full marathon on this thing?!"

    Sorry, I'm just in AWE at 14 miles ;)

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