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Nov 12, 2013

What I run in when it's REALLY cold

Last night mother nature decided we needed a bit of the white stuff.
Just a coating
But with it came the cold - today's run was defined as really cold.   That bottom temperature is the "feels like" temperature - yikes!

I can't say that I"m looking forward to these temperatures especially since it's November and I just ran a race and it was awesome outside.  Mother nature tends to bring us Michiganders plenty of changing weather and I've never felt that there's bad running weather(well, maybe that lightning storm I ran through once) - just bad running outfits.  This means I've come to be prepared for whatever is thrown at me since I've not run on the treadmill the last couple years.

Now, of course, everyone is different and I'm not saying everyone should wear these things but it's what provides me with comfort as I run into the wind of a 10 degree day.  I also want to say that everything below is not inexpensive.  Yes, I know that comes as a surprise to most of you that running gear is expensive but the right gear will last for years so I justify the cost.  They are worth it.

So here's what I've been using:

Tights - UnderArmour Fitted Cold Gear Tights - these have been my go-to tights for cold weather running.  If it's 40 degrees or less, I usually have these one.  If it gets under about 5 degrees, I will put on a pair of compression tights but this is pretty rare.  These keep me pretty warm.  About $50.
UnderArmour Cold Gear Tights
Shirt - Nike Pro Winter Running Shirts or UnderArmour Cold Gear Fitted Mock- I wear both and I have two of Nike's brand and two of UA.  The Nike are my favorite because you cannot feel seems and that give me comfort.  These are warmer than a typical long sleeve race tech shirt. $50-60  As it gets colder, I also add another layer which is usually a tech race shirt over this.
Nike Pro
Jacket - I have two winter running jackets that I've worn over the last few years including one by NorthFace that I've worn for three seasons(they don't make it anymore but I think it was called Apex - today's version I think would be the Isotherm) and one by Pearl Izumi that I got last season(review HERE) that I really like and is great for under 30 degrees.  $115-160
Apex Jacket by NorthFace
Pearl Izumi Windblocking Jacket
Socks - Experia by Thorlos Socks(Review HERE) - I love these socks because they are the only ones I've found to keep my toes warm enough.  Usually, I will wear these for temperatures under 30 degrees.  My biggest thing with these is their cost - $17.50 each but I do have warm toes.  You can also get them on sale for their annual sock sale for a little less.  I'll have a review of another one of their styles coming soon too.  I also have a pair of Drymax cold weather running socks.  They are a bit long for my taste but they do keep your feet warm.  I also recently purchased a pair of Swiftwick socks($16) at RUNdetroit with Merino wool in them and have run in them once and they were very comfortable and warm but we will see at the weather turns worse.
Experia by Thorlos
Hats - I always wear a beanie.  I have several beanies from Headsweats that are great for running in temps of 40 or lower.  I also have several other brands including Nike, Saucony, and Salomon.  I also have a Salomon Beanie(review HERE) that has holes for your sunglasses when running on the weekends which is a nice feature.  I wear all the brands and all have their purposes.  This Nike beanie I've had for several years. $10-25
Nike Beanie
Gloves - I've got several different weights of gloves for temps of 50 down to ten below.  All have fleece to wipe your nose(gross but necessary)  I tend to wear gloves down to about 30-35 degrees and then switch to mittens when its colder.  I also have several pairs of full gloves that also have mittens built into them.  They are made by Saucony, UnderArmour and Manzella.  These half gloves/mittens below are the best I've found for under 25 degrees.  If you get warm, you can flip off the mitten part of the gloves but these are best when it's coldest and worth every penny.  $20-45
Manzella - the best for really cold
Buff - (Review HERE) So this is something new that I discovered last winter.  I never used to use anything like this except I'd use a Balaclava when it got really cold, however, I don't like running with the Balaclava as it restricts your breathing and the Buff does not.  Now I won't leave home without one in the winter.  It goes around your neck so you can put it up over your face when your cold.  It's also easy to take off and on.  I have several of these but also just bought a new one with a couple safety strips for running in the dark.
The Buff
Shoes - 98% of the time I just wear my regular running shoes.  With good socks, you don't really need anything else.  Sometimes I will put duct tape on the outside to help with the wind too - it works - really!  I do also own a pair of Salomon Goretex trail shoes and will use these when it's slushy outside to keep my feet dry and warm.  I also use Goat Head Gear Sole Spikes(review HERE) if it's icy outside.
Goat Head Gear Sole Spikes for icy runs
Of course, I also wear safety gear since I'm running in the dark mornings but I'll leave that for another post.

Are you ready for winter running? Anything you love wearing in winter I should know about?

 Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

Note:  Some of these items I received quite awhile ago in exchange for a review.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. We here in Cape Town are hitting summer and the temp is climbing... but with a wet cold winter behind us I also like to see what other people wear when the weather turns... I on the other hand don't think it really get cold in CT so while I have some great running jackets and I take them with me when running in the storms on Table Mountain but leave then in my pack...