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Nov 9, 2012

Experia by Thorlos Socks review

4 miles on the schedule today.  Taken another easy day today with some slower running.  As I've been reading the Hanson's Marathon Method, I'm using some of their pacing suggestions.  Seems to be working for me.  No official training yet but just a guideline.  I should be running easy since I'm not even on a training plan right now.


It's started to get cold around these parts of town.  With that means warmer clothes for running.

Fortunately, I recently had an opportunity to review Experia by Thorlos Socks.  I've been looking for some winter socks to help keep my feet warm.  Not that these are specific to winter but it's what the company recommends for winter running.  I don't know about you but I have not had good luck finding many choices this year.  This is one of the few choices that are out there for winter running that are not big, bulky and long socks.

Here's what I received for review:

As you can see, these are their Micro mini length.  I have a pair from another company but they are so long and I really wanted to find something that was like your typical running socks.  I have found it in the Experia.  Just in time as the weather turns colder.

The socks have a great blend of several types of material being 33% wool, 13% silk, 19% Nylon, 34% polyester and 1% elastic.  The wool and silk really help to keep your feet warm.  It's been fairly cold in the morning here in Michigan the last couple weeks so I've been able to give them an ample test and I can say they have kept my feet nice and warm.

Also unique to the socks are the Thorlo pads:
"Thorlo Pads"
As you can see, there are "Thorlo" pads on the toes and the heel to help give you protection.  Frankly, I'm really not that worried about more protection as I wear regular running socks in the summer with much less weight but what I do love about these is the warmth.  The socks are warm in very cold temperatures(been as low as the high 20's so far this year).

What I have found is that when I run, if my feet and hands are cold, then my entire body is cold and it makes for a miserable run.  Having the ability to keep my feet warm really makes my runs much more enjoyable during the winter.  I don't care what it's like outside if my feet are warm.

As seen above, the material near the heel is quite thin.  I was really concerned about this when I first received them but not to worry.  Even with the thinner parts in the sock, my feet were nice and toasty.

You can get an idea how the socks are made below.  Protection and warmth in the top ankle, toes and heal yet the elastic material in the mid foot helps to keep the socks in place for a comfortable feel throughout your foot.  These socks will not move around on you.  They are exactly what I was looking for - a running sock made for winter conditions.

Excellent quality!
Elastic in the mid foot helps keep things in place.
Here's to snowy roads and cold temperatures.  Take that Mother Nature!

- I love the length.  Long socks are not needed in winter.
- Warm.  With the wood and silk, my feet stay warm which makes for good winter runs.
- Socks do not move around when running
- Good quality - made to last for years

- Price - $17.50.....for one pair.  Quite high in my opinion. (Saw them on Running Warehouse lower)
- Takes a little getting used to the pads on the toes and heel only.

Interested in learning more?

Go to their website, HERE

Go to their Facebook page, HERE

Go to their Twitter page, HERE

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

* Note - I received a complimentary pair of Experia powered by Thorlo Pads socks in exchange for this review.  All opinions on this blog post are my own and I was not paid or required to give a particular opinion on the product. 

Added 11/12/12:  This is direct response from the company in regards to price which are some good points:

Just a note on the price of the socks:
-        Since they are made with wool and silk, this makes for a pricier sock due to the cost of the fibers
-        It is a 100% American made sock, with all manufacturing done in NC.  In the USA, we have to adhere to stricter manufacturing policies, plus pay American wages, which all add to the cost of the sock.
-        Also, can you put a price on excellent foot protection?
-        These socks will last for years, so in the long run, they actually cost less because you don’t have to continue to buy more pairs as replacements!


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